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Traveling can take a whole other level when your significant other joins the picture. It’s like getting to travel to the other side of the world with your best friend, creating a bond that will be so incredibly thick.

I myself have not yet traveled to extreme distances with my boyfi and I often find myself thinking about what it will be like to only have each other in a country where we can only say hello. For now we only went to places where we had absolutely no chances of living a cultural shock. In my opinion, traveling together is a perfect way to reach a point where nothing the other does can shock us. It’s like the ultimate intimacy. Can you image, having your partner in crime with you when you get lost, when you can’t find the bus station, when you can’t find your seat in the train.

I recently discovered this couple on instagram who travels all the time. They get asked by hotels to stay so they can rate them and promote them with their awesome videos! They are known as vacationCouple and I got the chance to interview them!



I’ve noticed that you guys travel a lot together! How is the experience? Is it always easy?

We love the experience of travelling together. We wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest. We just plan ahead and take care of each other. If you’re not tired or hungry… you’re doing well!

What is the biggest challenge when traveling in couple?

We can’t think of any challenges we have directly related to traveling in a couple. We can only think of the advantages! Someone that gets you snacks on the plane while you’re sleeping, always having a dinner date, the list goes on….

How did you guys meet?

We met on a night out in Toronto through mutual friends. We’ve been together since then.

Tell us about your wildest adventure

Our wildest adventure was our trip to California last year! We were on Conan and Jay Leno, got to visit Venice Beach, The Santa Monica Pier, and Universal Studio’s.

Were you guys travellers prior to meeting each other?

We had each had our own travelling experiences before meeting each other although there were very few of them. Shadi had been to Mexico and I (Kristin) had been to Cuba. We started our vacation journey after meeting each other; life hasn’t been the same since then.

What is the best part about traveling with your soul mate?

The best part about travelling with my soul mate is the moments we get to share together while experiencing new places in the world. It’s that look that’s exchanged between us when we see something new and exciting.



What is your favorite destination so far?

Our favorite place to visit so far is Mexico, surprise! So many great resorts with spectacular views, great service, and excellent food.

What is your next adventure?

We can’t wait to begin our next adventure at Dreams Las Mareas in Costa Rica! Join us for the fun in January 2015!

What do you think you’d be up to if you hadn’t met each other? Traveling?

We can’t think of where we would be if we hadn’t met each other. One thing is for sure, we wouldn’t be as happy as we are now! And we definitely wouldn’t be on this amazing traveling adventure without each other.

Tell us more about the benefits of traveling together.

We love going through airports together as we have security and customs down to a science… meaning that we put our stuff in bins and take off our belts very quickly and efficiently.

If one of us gets too much sun, drinks too many “soda’s”, or just feels icky….the other is always there to take care of them with no complaints.

And no matter what we decide to do, we always compromise and are open to try new things together, because, how else would you live life happily?!?

They are both such an energized and full of life couple. They make me so excited about my big adventures to come. You will find them on instagram at @vacationcouple


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