The perks of living on a caribbean island

As I am finishing up my delicious post-workout smoothie, I felt the need to share my joy and fulfillment on the blog. This is the thing about having a blog, you get to spread a little joy with the world and hope that you brighten up people’s s day.

This morning, I put my workout clothes on and decided to go and exercise outside.

Before I could get out of my room, I got a text from a friend living in Michigan. She asked if I was starting work on wednesday (she didn’t want to forget to wish me luck) and then she told me how sad she was that snow was already back. Ironic isn’t it? I, on my side of the world, am getting ready to step out in mini shorts and workout shirt while she is probably thinking twice before leaving the house. I made sure to tell her that I was also going to the beach with my coworkers this friday for their annual retreat. Besides the fact that I wanted to annoy her (we do this to each other) I also realized how lucky and blessed I was to live on this island. Lucky is not really the right word since it was my choice to move back after college. I would under no circumstances live in Montreal. But I have to admit some people don’t really get to choose in life.

Since I moved back, never have I ever missed Canada or regretted my decision to come back to Haïti. There are many perks when living on a caribbean island. I get to go to the beach after a stressful week, which is a top perk for me. See, when everybody answered with work opportunities when they asked them why they chose a certain city after graduation, I answered that I wanted to live in a place where I felt happy and alive. For me, happiness is a ride to the beach after a long day, eating fresh fruits on a hammock and in Haïti, I feel happy! I really do. For me, having a good career makes no sense if you are unhappy every time you get out of the office walls. True fulfillment is a mixture of all of it. I might be an idealist but yes I believe you can have both if you truly want it. I know that for some, happiness has nothing to do with all of this (weather, fresh fruits) and I respect that. I am simply talking for myself.


This is the papaya I used for my smoothie earlier. I also mixed mango, ice and 100% natural honey. Everything is just always fresh and pure. I used to have doubts about the fruits I used in Montreal. You know when it just doesn’t seem THAT natural?…


Staring at this big tree from my room window (it has been there since my childhood) I am simply smiling because I get to feel the sun while others can’t.


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