Takemeth3re is going to Brazil

After my trip to India this summer, I started putting some money in my travel funds without knowing what my next destination would be. When something is a priority in your life, you do whatever you have to do right? I knew that traveling was my priority and that even though I didn’t have a full-time job yet, I should put some money on the side to satisfy the globetrotter in me. So I started putting some of my savings on the side, raising money slowly but surely. See, the worst thing for me is to go through life without having a trip in the planning. Even if it is plan for the next year, I strongly believe that knowing that you are working to make a dream come true is a great source of motivation. My sister and I started to look at different destinations, unable to put a finger on a particular one we would visit in 2015. Everything seemed so attractive! Philippines, Vietnam… It was basically impossible to decide. So I came up with an idea: save money until may 2015 and then see where the money we would have collected by then could take us. But I know the title of this post already spoiled our final choice. Yes, we are going to Brazil at the end of october 2015! The good news is that I found a good job so saving money will be way much faster and easier.

So why Brazil?

  • The beaches

Brazil is well-known for its famous beaches. Copacabana and Ipanema will be the first ones to pop on your screen in a google search. Since I am a beach fan and that it is one of the top criteria when I choose my destinations, it is fair to say that Brazilian beaches have been something I wanted to experience for a long time!

  • The food

When people say Brazil, all I can hear is meat meat meat. In other countries I have visited, Brazilian restaurants are well-known for their meat specialty. Since the Brazilian buffet I experienced on my birthday last year, it has been clear for me that Brazilians sure know how to cook their meat!

  • The people

Brazilians have to ability to make you feel like life is the most precious gifts of all. There is this hunger for life that emanates from them. It seems like they go hard in everything they do. When it is time to party or support their soccer team, they go all the way.It is this  freedom of mind that I am looking for. I want this trip to remind me that the greatest treasures of life go beyond the material. I want to experience happiness in all of it’s forms and colours.

  • The colours

From the festivals to the selarón stairs in Rio, Brazil seems to be a country full of colours. In my opinion, colours have the power to make anything seem more alive. I have no doubt my eyes will be happy over there.

While waiting on our trip, we came up with a saving plan that will help us gather all the necessary money before the summer. We won’t go till october (which gives us a good 11 months) but it is never too early to save up. The right time to start is as soon as you have the idea and want to make it come alive. I will share our tips with you guys on a blog post this week. Hopefully it will guide you through your saving period. Before my trip to Brazil, I am also planning on going somewhere on my birthday week-end in january. I will keep you guys updated.

Where are you planning to go on 2015? Please share with me in the comment box below.


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2 thoughts on “Takemeth3re is going to Brazil

  1. Hello my name is Malika. I’m a big fan of soccer so the way I chose to start my travel experience is by letting the world cup choose my faith. I said whoever won the world cup I’ll go there. Germany won the cup last year so my first wanderlust experience is going to start in Europe. From the beginning of October till almost the end of the month I’ll be visiting France,London,Switzerland and Germany. I’m so excited but at the same time extremely frustrated..I want everything to go perfectly but I doubt that everything will go according to my plan.

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    1. Hi Malika!! Sounds sooo exciting. 🙂 relax.. Let the adventure take over. Just make sure you have more than 1 credit card, that you have a dummy wallet, that all your important things are not in the same place and everything will be ok. Super happy for you!


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