How to spend less than $10/day in India


India has been the cheapest  country I’ve visited so far. Never have I experienced such cheap prices during my travels. This should be a source of motivation for people who are planning on traveling to Asia. The plane ticket will be your biggest expense. Once you actually get there, everything from transportation to food will be way cheaper than what you pay at home, which makes the trip worth it. I will write about an example of a typical day in India so you can see that a $10/day budget is possible.

Note that $1=60 Rupees


First of all, avoid western food like KFC or Mc Donalds. You will end up spending the same amount that you would at home. In India, it is always best to eat local or simply asian food. It is way cheaper than western food and your pockets will thank you. Plus, I don’t see the point of traveling if you refuse to have a full experience. it is not only about seeing things, it’s about tasting the food!

A local dish won’t cost more than $3

Masala Dosa
Masala Dosa

This is one of my favorite Indian dishes, the masala dosa that cost just 72 rupees, so slightly more than $1. It can be eaten as a lunch or simply to calm down hunger.

Diner is even cheaper if you buy it in the streets. A full pack of asian noodles with meat cost $80 rupees and can be shared with a friend. So each person ends up pays less than $1 for diner.


If you want something fancier, you will probably pay about $100 rupees, which is again, less than $2.



Go for a tuktuk that you can share with your friends. For about 10KM, you can get a 200 rupees deal. And guess what, you can take 3 other people with you. So you do the math. Less than $1/person



Attractions are more expensive for foreigners but then again, extremely cheap in dollars. An entrance fee for the museum will cost 120 rupees/person so $2 (and 20 for locals. Huge difference I know).




A quick math shows you that it is easy to spend less than $10/day in India. Of course traveling from one city to another will be way more expensive especially if you prefer traveling by plane but daily life necessities are more than affordable.


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