A corner of paradise


I am an island girl in every sense of the term. I live on this little island located in the caribbean. I travel a lot but my heart is always home, where beaches and moutains meet in the most beautiful way. I happen to also be a beach addict. I want to share this little corner of paradise I discovered in august, just in case you stop by.

I believe that the best adventures are created in the most unexpected and unplanned ways. One day, as we left Paillant (located in Miragoane) we decided to drive to Côte-de-Fer before heading back to Port-au-Prince (the capital city).

The road was so bad we almost got discouraged! Between the continuous bumps and the weird sensation that the road led to nowhere, we didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that Côte-de-Fer had to be extraordinary to compensate for such a horrible road. We kept driving hoping to see some kind of sign that would let us hope that we were actually not in the middle of nowhere.

It was only after a good hour that we saw a little entrance. Nothing extraordinary. It didn’t even say “Welcome to Côte-de-Fer”. It looked like a glance of hope in the middle of the desert, nothing more. Thinking we had arrived to our destination, we follwed the signs. Everything looked more and more dead! No sign of life, let’s not even talk about signs of tourism. As we all stopped our cars, my mom rolled her window down to tell us that this was a total waste of time and that we should all go back and drive straight to Port-au-Prince. Friends and family in another car said that we might as well see what they have here since we drove an hour to get there. After about 10 minutes of discussion, a young man came to us and told us he was the owner of a beach nearby. He kindly suggested that we take a look. My mom rolled her eyes and said OK since we were already there. We followed the guy who opened a gate leading to a parking.

It looked like a small business that was working by season with no real efforts to expand or promote luxury. We grabbed our bags and walked towards what looked like a bar. Music was blasting and there were a few people relaxing. I kept walking and then put my head up to look at a beach that was everything I could’ve dreamed of. There was no real infrastructure but the sand was extremely soft, the water was light blue, no different shades, just plain light blue. Kids and adults were swimming and playing soccer. I couldn’t help but smile at the scenery. We laid down on the chairs and ordered some lanbi boukane and fried plantain with spicy sauce. For those of you who are not familiar to these terms, I will share a picture. Note that I didn’t take any food picture that day so I will share a picture of Port-Salut’s grilled fish and fried plantain. Close enough.


The food was simply amazing! Hot and tasty. After digesting, I ran (literally) towards the blue water. It felt even better than it looked! I never experience such a smooth and blue water besides Abaka Bay beach at île-a-Vache and this time I went to Barbados in 2008. The Caribbean is truly a paradise. While swimming, I could feel the sun on my skin and I could also see the boast floating far away. The sand was so soft that it felt like it was melting between my toes. Bliss. At that moment I once again experienced what true happiness feels like. Believe it or not I felt ‘healed’. Not from something in particular but just a healing of mind body and soul.

It is only when leaving that we realized we never actually made it to Côte-de-Fer. It was still 45 minutes away. I smiled. In the middle of nowhere, I found a corner of paradise.


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