5 Signs you are a travel addict and why it’s totally OK


I have this thing where I wake up in the mornings and start looking at travel pictures. I search for everything that could bring me life.

I search for travel tattoos pictures and just look at them, travel quotes, destinations and all I can think about is “Where to next?” I let my thoughts drown in the memory of places I’ve visited and I close my eyes, imagining myself looking at clouds through a plane window. I rarely want to open them because it feels so real. So I start imagining myself traveling to my next destination. My heart gets excited and my feet start tickling…this weird thing that happens whenever I need to travel. That’s when I remember “I am a travel addict”. I believe many signs can help us recognize this beautiful disease:

You always want to see more

You have a list of all these things you’d like to see and you can’t think about dying without seeing them. You think about them and you suddenly have this urge to plan a trip. You hate the idea of people just seeing new things on screens. You have a passion to discover with your own eyes and you refuse to settle for less.

You think about traveling before spending

You put money on the side for your next trip and you ask yourself if spending money on a new phone is really worth waiting longer to travel

You truly think that to travel is to live

You are 100% sure that no true richness is acquired by staying in the same place. You know that seeing with your own eyes will teach you more than what books will ever be able to.

You literally can’t stay still

It is not an option, it’s a need. After a while you don’t feel good if you don’t see more, do more, live more, move more. You are unsatisfied with routine and you are determined to go see what’s happening on the other side

You associate traveling with everything

You try to find a job that allows you to travel. If you are in college, you make sure you study abroad or volunteer abroad. Whatever you do, you try to make traveling a part of it.

If you can associate yourself with all of these signs, you are a certified travel addict and it’s more than Ok. I believe the world belongs to those who are not afraid to discover it, those who are fearless enough to see more, taste more and do more. Never let you inner wanderer die. It will take you to places you’ve never been 😉


A travel lover


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