Your only limit is your comfort zone

As some of you followers might or might not know, I am leading a retreat this friday to sunday

A spiritual, christian retreat somewhere 3-4 hours away from the capital city. We will leave early on friday morning in a mini bus. For the past few days, I’ve been in constant communion with God in order to really know what He wants me to talk about at that retreat. His presence is so thick every morning in my room, it’s like He is telling me to wake up so He can place the messages on my heart. I’ve been feeling many emotions. Love…excitement…mostly God’s unconditional love. It is like He is filling me with love so I can love His children this week-end. There is a force filling me up, believe me. I’ve been constantly listening to uplifting songs, helping me get in His presence. One gets me particularly emotional. If ever you are interested click on the link below: Not forcing anyone but just so you know, if you don’t click, you are missing out 😉

I didn’t want to make this post focus on the retreat but about comfort zones in general, It is just that stepping out, talking and invoking the presence of God in front of all these young people is something I never did before. God called me to do it a few months ago and I obeyed. I got comments like ‘You will lead? How? Don’t you want to get a pastor?’ But when God calls, it doesn’t matter what you lack for He is our provider. I am so excited about it. People who will participate are starting to ‘feel’ things, dream about things and this is only a sign of God preparing their hearts.

I found a picture of me in India this morning where I was eating with my hands. When I was preparing my trip to India I was excited about trying new things and blending in the culture. Once I had to eat with my hands….it felt really uncomfortable. But I remembered that I didn’t fly this far to reject the culture so I closed my eyes and went in on that rice and veggies.

photo (5)

Most of the time, we get scared in front of our calling. I don’t know if you are a Christian or not but even if you are not, it is impossible that you never got a calling on your life, a calling to be great, to be someone greater than what you thought you were. And you saw that the dream was so big that you decided to back away because you looked at yourself instead of trusting that God would provide. You stayed in a zone of comfort, where you wouldn’t be so challenged. But you feel this void on the inside because it is impossible to be fulfilled with less than what we were called to do… What are you scared of doing today?

Remember that you didn’t come this far to give up. Remember that your dream is bigger than your fear and that God never forsakes us.

I will start my youtube channel at the end of november. My first video will be about purpose. So if you want a part of the messages I will talk about at the retreat, this will be a good occasion to catch up.


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