5 Tips to fight jet lag


Going tot the distance is an adventure. Nothing substitutes to the feeling we get when we jump on a plane knowing that we will land somewhere with a different culture, different weather AND a different time zone. As much as we might love to travel, suffering from jet lag can be a bummer if we don’t know how to get our energy back.

I have listed a few tips that will help you as a traveller, to prevent you from having a burnout and be like a zombie during your stay.

1- Try arriving at night

This is what kept me from being jet lag when I arrived in Finland from Haïti last year. I felt like I had been traveling for days but when I arrived in Finland, it was already time to go to bed so I just crashed and got up the next morning like nothing ever happened. I am not sure if that trick will work for everybody but it sure did for me. Think about it, if you don’t sleep at night because of different reasons ( studying for an exam, going to a party…) and decide to sleep all day the next morning, you won’t get the rest you need. There will be sunlight keeping your system from completely falling asleep, noises, and simply because it won’t be the time to sleep. You will notice that you will still want to sleep when the night comes. Same goes for jet lag. This is why I recommend to arrive at a time where your sleep won’t get disturbed by daylight or else.

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2- Drink a lot of water while traveling

Forget about coffee or soda, water will keep you hydrated which will be a booster during your travels. Drink a lot and pee often. This is a simple trick that will make a huge difference.


3- Keep a toothbrush and face soap near

While traveling for hours, if not days, you will get pretty disgusting. Brushing your teeth and washing your face every 4 or 5 hours will provide a sensation of freshness. Just like we just woke up and help you get rid of the zombie feeling.

4- Don’t go too hard on the first day

Jet lag has a bad habit of catching up with us just when we think we are all good to go. On your first day, choose activities that won’t drain you. Take a walk around the city, go try local food, wander around. Don’t go hiking and then find yourself as tired as you were the previous day. Keep that for day 2 or 3.

5- Get a massage

The day I arrived in Thailand, I got a massage at Peak spa and it was a life saviour. A massage will leave you feeling relaxed and you will sleep better to get reenergized for the rest of the stay. If you arrive too late, get the massage the next morning before your walk through the city. Your tired legs will thank you later.



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