Bliss: A sensation of perfect happiness.

“If this or that was this particular way, my life would be perfect”
Don’t we find ourselves saying that most of the time? Always wanting to correct something in order to reach ‘perfection’. We want a job, when we find one we want a vacation and so on. I find myself thinking that bliss is not a recipe. It is that happiness that we sieze in a fraction of a moment. It is that time when it hits you like a ton of bricks “I am geniunely, perfectly happy right now”. For me, it happens when I am fully embrassing a particular moment. For example, I could be laying on the sand and think “I am perfectly happy now”.

I started this thing a few weeks ago where I enjoy every bite while eating something. Trust me, it changes your whole eating experience. You realize that even food doesn’t need to be something you swallow really quick between two tasks.

I stop sometimes and think that maybe what is keeping us from our bliss… Is us. We think too much, we try too hard when being happy only requires a change in our thoughts. It is not about having a greener grass, it’s about rocking our blue or pink grass and realizing one day that we were so content with what we have that we never knew that ‘normal’ grass should be green in the first place.



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