A brief guide through London


London London London! The city of red buses and luxury. In february 2013, as I was studying abroad in Finland, I chose London as my first city to visit outside of Helsinki. No need to say that for a first time in europe, it felt like a dream come true. Before I became a real passionate traveller, I had this list of many countries I wanted to visit. But you know how most of us have a plan without any execution. To tell you the truth, I now realize that before I got bitten by the travel bug, I had no real urge of seeing the world. I was ‘saying’ I wanted to see the world but it wasn’t until I started traveling like crazy that I realized that saying won’t buy yo a plane ticket and that it is really easy to keep wishing for years. At 19 years old, I started to make my dreams a reality and now I guess I can be called a miss explorer.

Let’s talk a little bit about London! I will start by saying that my three days trip to London was a delight. I had a friend from Haiti studying there a the time (actually we were not friends at the time. I knew about her and I simply told her I was coming. Now I can say that we are friends). It was the first time I simply decided to go somewhere alone and take the chance of staying with someone I didn’t really know. I am so happy I did it. Let’s step into my journey. I hope you guys will find some useful tips about London and have a better idea of things you can see over there.


The first big thing for me was to be on a red bus to get to her room on campus. Remember it starts with the simple things. If you’ve been seeing pictures of red buses all your life, finally sitting in a real one can be pretty dope. While on the bus, it is the perfect time to put your phone away and simply get to see the scenes of daily life. For me, it was pretty exciting. What I loved during my travels in Europe was the fact that I didn’t have a phone plan so no internet. I only had my camera, and sometimes a friend. It makes a big difference not to get tempted to look at your phone. Instagram and the blog (which I didn’t have at the time) can wait.

We first went for a walk on Oxford street. I had the most amazing desert ever. We also went to a Zara store where I discovered that things are twice as expensive in London.

IMG_4528Meet the strawberry heaven. It was simply finger licking good.

We then went to a tattoo place, Tattoo UK so I could get my first tattoo. I know this is probably not on your list of things to do in London but if ever you are thinking about getting one, tattoo UK is clean and well-known.


If you guys are traveling in group and most of you want to get one, it is a good place to do it! the staff is friendly and they open up new needles in front of you so you can be reassured.

After this, we went to this little pizza place. My friend kept talking about how good the pizza was over there and she was right. We met a couple of her friends there and I fell in love with my spicy pizza. It is listed in my post about pasta. Check it out here . While you are in London, choose small places over big ones, this is my advice.


That night we went out and to my big surprise, DJs in London knew all the old hip hop and r&b songs. The club was divided in three or four sections with different kind of music for every taste. From house to r&b, everybody could be satisfied.

So one of the things you could do in London is go out. Here is a list of places you could like:

-If you are a fine wine enthusiast, you might like THIS .  28°-50° Wine Workshop & kitchen is a french oriented restaurant with a British accent. Click to have a look.

– Schochu lounge Japanese restaurant and lounge. CLICK HERE

If you like it a little more wild, you can try:


The next morning, she took me to the big ben! I was as excited as a kid in a candy store. The minute I stepped out of the underground public transportation and turned around to see it was one of my favourite moments ever.

DSC_0182Just at the other side of the street, you will see the London eye


Buy a ticket and go for a ride. My suggestion is to ride it during the day AND at night. The view is different each time.

we then decided to go around and find a little tour bus station so we could get a guided visit through the city. I don’t usually do guided tours but in London I was impressed. There are so many things to learn that I definitely suggest that you consider it or you’ll miss many things and fun stories.



You get to see the city very well while learning.

I suggest that you go eat somewhere after the bus tour.Walk around the city, get lost, take pictures, find your way, enjoy your time.




The ride from the open bus was even better at sunset. (Don’t mind the blurry picture)


That night we simply walked and stopped somewhere to eat. We chose a Chinese place. Worst choice ever. It was cheap and dirty. I don’t mind cheap but dirty is simply not on my list. So be careful where you go to eat. double-check if everything is clean before you look at the menu. We then went back to the london eye for the night view.


The day after this was my last half day in London.We visited a castle. I’m sorry I don’t remember the name. Keep in mind that I didn’t have the reflex of documenting my activities back then. A simple picture on Instagram and a click on the location button was good for me. Nevertheless I have many pictures from that day. I will show you two or three of them:



I also got to see the royal jewelery room where we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Just know that if you possessed just a few of them, you would be on a plane traveling the world.

Last but not least, I finally had the fish and chips. If you ask me, it is good but there is nothing extraordinary to it. However they never said it was, it is simply a typical meal over there and as any good traveller you should try it.


London, like any other city you visit for the first time will require a map so you can find your way.


And don’t forget to get comfy beds wherever you will be staying and to get some rest at night (minimum 7 hours if possible). There is so many things to see during the day that it is not a good idea to be tired. Traveling is way more exhausting than it looks.


If you are in group, take a taxi and share the fees when you feel tired but don’t forget to get the red bus experience.


A travel lover


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