What to do during a short trip to Miami

As some of you know, I am currently in Miami. I came last friday for the Marc Anthony concert that was held in the American Airlines Arena two days ago. The concert was simply perfect! Great performance, excellent lightning, full stadium… But this post is not about the concert so if ever you want me to write about it on the blog, feel free to ask. I decided to share a little bit about my day with you readers. If you share my opinion, you will agree on the fact that Miami doesn’t have many things to do. The party scene quickly gets old and at some point, you run out of shopping money. So…what do you actually do when you have 5 days to spend in Miami?

My boyfriend and I came to Miami together since he is a huge Marc Anthony fan. I am a salsa fan too and I appreciate Marc Anthony but let’s just say I wouldn’t personally buy a ticket for his concert. Things you start to do when you are a couple! I was simply happy to travel together on a special occasion. It is always a good idea to travel anyways. So…concert was great, we had a wonderful night. but what happens after the concert? what can we do in Miami?

I decided to write about it because I know that people who are not down to party every night will definitely wonder what they can do here. I will talk about what we did today and what we plan on doing tomorrow and also add some extra suggestions.

First, RENT A CAR!!! Please do. In Miami,public transportation is not as common as in NYC or Canada, or any other country or city I’ve visited actually. Yesterday, our plans got messed up simply because we depended on people to go out. I hate depending so I realized that my idea to rent a car (since we were in Haiti) was the right one. It is never too late to do things right 😉 First thing this morning, he rented a really nice convertible. I was super excited! Let’s just say I have this intense need to throw my hands up in the air most of the time, with music in the background preferably. So I knew this would totally compensate for our lost day. I know it might scare you to get adventurous with a car in a foreign land but remember, we have GPS and it is a life saviour! 😉

image (1)

Second thing, we went to a Japanese restaurant Benihana. He had been talking about it since forever so I had to go check it out. I have to say everything I heard about it was true. I had a great time. Not only was the service excellent but the food was good PLUS I was completely obsessed with the drink I ordered. The chef was so entertaining! He did some breathtaking moves with the knifes and joggled with the food like it is not humanly possible.

image (3)

We started with a soup then moved on to the dishes. I had a beef Julienne and he had a steak. And we both had the fried rice of course!



IMG_3737 (1)

IMG_3740 (1)


We even had people sharing the table so we got a chance to talk about Haiti and my travel page! It is always good as a blogger or non-blogger to share it with interested people. One of the girls followed my page right away. who knows, they might want to visit Haiti one day. Everything is possible. Our table was filled with laughter and good conversation. The funny chef was just a bonus. He actually knew quite a bit about out culture. How cool is that?

IMG_3734 (1)We then did some shopping near the restaurant and headed to my cousin’s house for some steak and wine (Yes we ate again).

IMG_3741 (1)

Tomorrow, I am going to lay by the pool with a friend and then go eat at Texas roadhouse. In case you guys never heard about it, it is the best place for steaks! We tried it when we were in Boston and we’ve been addicted ever since. We are also going to watch a movie. Talking about movies, we saw the equalizer the day we got here. Three words: GO SEE IT. It is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Danzel Washington is a great actor. I am sure everybody knows this by now.

These are all things you could do if you are here for a short period of time. You could also:

-Go to miami beach

-Go eat on bay side (we might end up there tomorrow. Who knows)

-Go ice skating or car racing

-Go for a swim at the beach

-Go on South beach

However, if you have more time, jump in the car and drive to Orlando! The land of amusement parks.

These are all different suggestions. As I said, of you are like me, the party scene won’t really be such a big deal. After a night you will want to move on to other things. Hope this will help if ever you stop by.

IMG_3742 (1)

Nothing like a selfie while your boyfriend is trying to figure out how the car GPS works haha.


A travel lover


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