Why you should be planning your next trip: A little motivation to save up


Where to next? where can we go this summer? What’s the best place to go during that period?

These are all questions young and not so young adults should constantly ask themselves.

While life can get pretty hectic with the various responsibilities, daily stress and more, planning a trip can provide a sensation of happiness, knowing that in a few months, you will be on a plane, flying away to a new destination. Making plans is a great source of motivation even in the smallest things. Planning on doing some exercise in the morning can help you go to bed earlier and therefore, get up in the morning. Setting goals is a good way to find purpose in our lives, walking towards a specific destination.

Planning a trip is no different from any other life goal. Why? Because it trains us to have discipline, patience, perseverance and motivates us until the goal is reached. If you live in a cold country, an exotic destination coming up will provide the energy to go through the day for example. It worked for me when I had to walk through snow storms in Canada. I knew that my trip to Mexico was approaching and it made everything better.

Planning a trip will teach us how to build step by step. Most of the time, we look at our bank accounts and assume we can’t afford a trip. Perhaps now is not the time to go but with a travel plan, the piggy bank can get filled sooner than we think. As young adults, I believe this is something we must all practice: the art of building what we want without having to run to mommy and daddy. Although it is not always easy and we often find ourselves biting our tongues, trying not to ask for a $100 because we are stuck, small goals like planning a trip will show us what it feels like to be independent. Enjoying a vacation and knowing that you financed it is a great feeling. Even if we have to wait 7 months till we have enough money to travel, it is worth the efforts. Doing something part-time (I plan trips for young adults on the side) can definitely help, also selling things you don’t need ( I am trying to sell 2 pairs of shoes that don’t fit) can bring extra cash.

Challenging ourselves is always a great idea and a perfect way to grow. Even really slow progress is progress. Don’t give up.

Whether you are planning on going alone or with a significant other, traveling is always a good idea!


A travel lover


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