My experience at Wahoo Bay beach resort on a dead week day

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Monday, I decided to go away by myself so I could find peace and quiet to prepare myself for the retreat I will be leading next month. After calling three different hotels on Côte des Arcadins, I chose Wahoo Bay beach because their price was the most reasonable in my opinion (compared to Moulin sur mer for example). Monday morning, I left around 11 AM. After 1:30 hour drive, I was there. I have absolutely no regrets about it except not staying longer. But my pockets wouldn’t let me since I am still in my unemployment phase. Make sure you check out this post for tips about How to feed your travel funds while unemployed. Well, to be honest, I might not have a fixed schedule but I am pretty busy lately. Looking for a job is a job itself, preparing my retreat, blogging, taking care of the last details of my book coming soon (yay) and planning trips once in a while. In the middle of it all, I needed to be alone and spend time with God to be re-energized.

Wahoo Bay sure helped me get my glow back. Since it was a dead week day, everything was simply excellent! From the service to the room, it was everything I could ever ask for.

The room


The room was absolutely fantastic. Clean and big, it made me  feel like I was somewhere in the middle of nature, with all the comfort in the world. I had two double beds, which allowed me to switch whenever I felt like it. The balcony offered a nice view of the pool and of the ocean. It was the perfect spot to sleep, read, pray, basically anything I wanted to do. They didn’t fail to add little touches to make my stay more enjoyable like a copy of VIV magazine and a sunset picture on the wall. As a travel lover, I know that details that might seem small can have a huge impact on your hotel ratings. Wahoo Bay sure seems to take that into consideration.

The atmosphere


I wanted to relax and I sure got what I wanted. I know the day I chose to go had a lot to do with it but I must also say that the ocean view, the comfortable chairs and the friendly smiles of the pool attendants made everything perfect. Wahoo Bay has the most magnificent ocean view I’ve ever seen. Sunset has never been so beautiful.


This is my favourite place to simply lay down and watch the sun say good night. The view is simply peaceful and gorgeous. I met a group of missionaries who invited me to join them for worship (I know, beautiful ‘coincidence’) and they were all so amazed by this sunset. They were all posting pictures on instagram saying “No filter!” I am guessing most of my readers are familiar to this term by now!

I enjoyed a nice swim in the water by myself and relaxed. The next day, there were way more people in the water, however I ate some lanbi, took some videos for my instagram page and bought 2 paintings.

photo 3 (3)

photo 1 (8)

The service

The service was simply excellent! I ordered a filet with mushroom sauce and believe me when I say it was the best one I ever had in my life. I always loved the food at Wahoo but monday, it reached a whole other level. It was like the chef made it perfect just for me (We can always dream, can’t we?). I left my plate empty.


I also had their signature drink without the alcohol. I am guessing we can consider it as a fresko. Not only was the food amazing, the employees became my friends. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming. Eating alone on the bar has been a great experience thanks to them. Nothing better than a smiling employee to make a client feel at home.

The next morning, I went down to have a good breakfast before my last swim. (Sorry I didn’t have my phone during breakfast) Even though I was I was on airplane mode most of the time, I felt the need to simply leave my phone in the room at some point.

Now I am back in Port-au-Prince, re-energized and satisfied! Thank you Wahoo Bay for this amazing time.


A travel lover

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