5 Things traveling taught me about friendship


Traveling is an adventure. You get to see places for the first time, even for the 5th time (why not), you get to go on incredible adventures, taste weird food and get lost in the most beautiful ways. But one of the most amazing experiences is to meet people so different from yourself that they forever change the way you see others and most importantly, the way you see yourself.

I met a few wonderful people along the way and I’ve learned something from each one of them. But what they taught me is for a post I will be working on for the end of 2014. For now, I will stick to general things traveling has taught me about friendship. Here it goes:

1- Never make an opinion based on appearances.

The girl with the veil on the top picture is Laila, an Egyptian girl I met during my volunteering in India. Laila was friend with Iten, another Egyptian girl. But Iten didn’t wear a veil. At first, it really seemed like Iten was the most extraverted and that Laila was the one I couldn’t really talk to about certain things. Turns out,  I was so wrong! Laila is one of the most extraverted person I met. When there are no boys around, she feels free to take her veil off and act completely crazy. We bonded a lot during my stay in India and thanks to her, I learned to never make an opinion based on appearances. I have so much more to say about her but i will leave it for the other post 🙂

2- People will show their crazy when you do

I am an extraverted person by nature. In India, when I arrived the first day, I talked really loud to say who I was because I was so excited to meet everybody. Later on, they often reminded me of that day by saying ‘Hi my name is Sophie and I’M SOOO EXCITED ABOUT INDIA AND THE KIDS’ They laughed every time. The thing is that not everybody will be extraverted like you and they will often need you to show your crazy so they can come out of the box. If you are the shy one, you know more than me that everybody has a crazy hiding somewhere. Don’t be afraid to show this side of you. It will break the ice and create wonderful stories.


3- Everybody has a story

Everybody has a story. It just takes a rainy night around candles for people to share their deepest stories. You will realize that your craziest adventure is not the craziest and your saddest story, not the saddest.There is always someone who has it tougher than you do and always someone who will show you that there is always room for more excitement in life. No matter what their story is, it is always worth listening to and will draw you closer to these people’s heart.


4- We all want to see beautiful things in life.

Friendship will show you that no matter how different you guys are, you all want to be amazed somehow. Either by chasing the sunrise or by staring at the waves together. In this life of sin, we ALL want beautiful things.


5- Sometimes, temporary friends are the best friends

You will not always get the chance to see them again. We all know that when we travel we meet people for a few weeks max. Then we go on our separate ways. When I called my friends in India ‘temporary besties’ they got offended. But as a traveler, I know that whether we want to accept it or not, we might not see these people again. It is hard and sometimes, we just wish we could book a plane ticket and meet again (it is possible!) but rarely happens. I’ve learned to cherish the moments with them and not have high hopes on meeting again. We keep in touch but it is never really the same when we have different time zones and schedules. However, they always always always have a special place in my heart. Friendship doesn’t need to last forever to be worth the ride.


A travel lover.


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