Why Eat Pray Love will make you want to solo travel

Eat,_Pray,_Love_โ€“_Elizabeth_Gilbert,_2007Girls, this post is for you. You probably heard of the story who remained in the New York Times best sellers list for 187 weeks. Eat Pray Love, By Elizabeth Gilbert is a memoir that chronicles the author’s trip around Italy, India and Indonesia. I watched this movie 3 times but It wasn’t until the last time, while I was in India that I realized how much I could connect with Julia Roberts in the movie. Eat Pray Love is a mix of adventure, emotion, peace, self discovery and any woman who considers traveling alone should watch it before during and after her travels.

Throughout the adventure, we see a woman who finally liberates herself from what she no longer wants. Deciding to get a divorce, she buys three tickets to go find herself on some other parts of the world. Here are three reasons why this movies will be the perfect boost for you:

1- Self-Love



The ‘Eat’ part of the movie takes me back to my time in Italy, where all we did was eat pasta, bread, sea food and drink red wine. Italy is the perfect destination for any woman or young woman discovering what it is to love herself and satisfy herself to the fullest. Liz (Julia Robert) and her friend ย in the movie went from watching what they eat to simply going to the restaurant and enjoy every single bite of a pizza. My favourite part about Italy was when Liz sat at a restaurant alone to enjoy some spaghetti and wine. I encourage women to go out alone once in a while and enjoy their own company, have something they love and drink a glass of fine wine. We, as women and young women need it. We need to feel appreciated and loved and it starts with loving ourselves. Travel somewhere you’ll be able to learn to love yourself all over again.

2- Comfort-zones and people

Julia Roberts


Liz is exposed to many kinds of differences. She meets this young girl who is forced to marry a boy she doesn’t even know. Everything is so different in India. This is where she meets this strange elderly man who turns out to be one of the most special people she ever met with a special story. Traveling alone will put you in a position to talk alone with people. You might get the chance to see a piece of them they don’t show to everybody. Traveling alone will leave space for spiritual growth. You will learn from others and you will see things differently. You will learn that sometimes, maybe, just maybe, God speaks to us through others.


3- Love stories…


I love how loving another comes after self love in that movie. In order to not spoil the movie for some of you I will only discuss the lesson here. Loving another only becomes fully possible when we truly learn to love ourselves. It is not necessary to travel to realize that. It is a rule of life. However, flying with your own wings can help you understand that.


In life, what matters the most is not how many people are around you but who is really present in your life. Love doesn’t leave you empty. It is comforting, but it can only be that way after you’ve realized where the first love comes from.


Travel alone. Whoever you are reading this… You might be happy right now just like you might be miserable. Save some money and buy a ticket. It turns you into a story teller.


A travel lover


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