Don’t settle

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Here I am, finally recovering from 4 or 5 days of unstable emotions. For the past days, I’ve been an emotional mess and it wasn’t until I decided to fix the spiritual with the spiritual that I finally got off my self-pity attitude and got back on track! So now it is an overflow of energy and happiness. I would like to say something before starting this post. What I learned from the past few days is to never stay in a place where you are not yourself. If you are going through a rough time, cry it out and let it out but don’t stay there! Shake it off and move on. It is something that we all experience. Times when things don’t go as fast as we would want them to, times where emotions are just on a roller-coaster (ladies you know what I am talking about). The most important thing is to know when to simply move forward.

Here is a little summary of my journey. I moved back to Haïti. I started working at UNDP. It started with the possibility of renewing the months if ever I decided I wanted to continue. First month: I sat behind a desk all day, doing a few things, and staring at my watch so I could run out as soon as it was 4:30 PM. I spent most of the time writing on my blog and planning trips for some clients. I also read books when I could and worked on a few details of my own future book. Noticed anything wrong here? I didn’t like the job. The thing is that, I admire what UNDP is doing because they finance development projects but my place is not where they finance the project, it’s at the heart of the project. I am a people person and I value internal growth. No need to say that I can’t stay behind a desk all day…I simply can’t. So I decided to not renew my months. Yup. I am the girl who encourages people to never settle so might as well follow my own advice. I’ve been looking for a job where I will feel happy and fulfilled and I know it’s on it’s way. But these past few days I’ve lost my sparkle. I decided to pray and surrender and today! OMG I am feeling wonderful! I went out for some fruit shopping and ordered paint for my new little ‘apartment’ inside my house lol. It is actually really exciting. I will put my paintings that I had back in my apartment in Canada on my new walls, buy a lamp, make it cute, you know. I ate some quenepes by the pool with some red wine. Simple pleasures.

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If you are going through a hard time right now, I encourage you not to be afraid to leave everything behind and start chasing what makes you happy. As a matter of fact, you won’t really have to chase. when you are positive, the universe will work with you to take you where you are supposed to be. God is faithful and He knows what you love. Trust Him. If you were waiting for a sign to stop doing this thing you don’t like this is it. Don’t get discouraged because you are not satisfied where you are! Every step of the way is there to teach you something. I learned a few things while I was over there and I don’t regret a thing. Also, sometimes, We get what we want simply so God can show us what we DON’T want. Think about it…

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Move forward.

While looking for the place where I’ll be fulfilled, I keep planning trips for my clients and writing and that is, in my opinion, a huge ingredient to Sophie’s happiness.


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