How to feed your travel funds while unemployed

The life of a travel addict can get difficult. Going on adventures is fun but for that, we need money in the travel funds. While it can be really easier to get the money while working, we must keep in mind that sometimes, things are not working out as we planned. For instance, I remember finding myself with no part time job after booking my trip to Mexico! I went to Haiti for a week in march and when I came back, my job was no longer waiting for me. Have I mentioned that I was only relying on it to pay my trip? Yes…bummer. However, this experience made me realize that life is never out of a plan B. How can we manage to travel with no job? Or how can we manage to save money for a trip while our savings are going down since we have  no solid money income? 


The first thing is to Set realistic goals.


It can be easy to plan on saving 400$ a month but if we consider other things we might have to spend on it can become a little unrealistic. Start with small goals by putting a few dollars bills aside after grocery shopping or after putting gas in the car. You can decide to save 1/3 of your money. Start small and you will see that the saving will grow sooner than you think. Saving too much at the beginning can ruin the plan because you might run out of money for other things and cheat on your savings.

Open a saving account

It is never a good idea to have too much money in your hands. You will most likely get tempted to spend a few bucks on things you don’t necessarily value more than traveling. Open an account where your money will be safer. You can have a little jar for the little cash you put aside daily but when the amount gets too big, put it in the savings account.


Sell things you don’t need

The best things has been to sell some furniture before moving. You don’t need to be moving to sell things you don’t need. Trust me, it can bring you some cash you weren’t even expecting. I am not even exaggerating when I say that a garage sale can finance a whole trip.


Do something part time

While you are actively looking for a job or simply not looking for one, you can do something you enjoy part time. It can be baby sitting for a friend, planning a little party for a few bucks, or even planning trips part time as I am doing right now. Nothing more satisfying than knowing you are working for your trip. It is a great source of motivation.


Stay focused 

Do whatever you have to do to stay encouraged. Put pictures of your destination on your wall, look at pictures, and remember to always go step by step, you will get there.



A travel lover


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