Things to do when you are homesick

Traveling is an exciting experience and it is easy to forget the rest of the world as you are listening to your favourite song at your gate or waiting on a taxi to catch your flight to another part of the world. However, it would be a lie to say that we never miss home. “We only hate the road when we’re missing home” right? It happens to cry a little after a skype session with your whole family, after your mom sends you a picture of your favourite meal, or after someone special tells you they miss you. It doesn’t make the experience less exciting, it is just part of the road. The mix of emotions is what makes it so so so special and makes it last in your heart forever. There are a few thing that helped me reconnect with home when I am traveling. I will share some tips with you:

1- Send postal cards

Postal cards should never run out of style. While I was traveling around Europe, I sent many cards to my friends in the States and in Canada. It was my first time doing so and believe me, nothing can compare to this feeling. It is like sending love from a corner of the world to your loved ones. When writing the card, make it special by immortalizing the moment. Take the time to look around you to really remember what you were doing while writing it, what you were feeling, what were you about to do…I remember sending a card to my friend Shelcy in NYC from Russia. That was the best one. I remember being in a small shop in St. Petersburg and drinking something they offered me. I had just arrived in the city and I decided to send her a card. After dropping it it in the box, I went outside and I took a deep breathe to have a taste of the city. It felt so good, I will never forget it.

2- Read a book you brought from home

It might not work for everybody but it sure does for me. When you read a book you started reading back home, it reassures you and makes you realize that things will be the same when you go back. just realizing that the book is the same after traveling with you will comfort you. Might sound weird but try it 🙂

3- Write

Preferably in little cafes by a window. Write about the city, write about your adventures and mostly, write about what you will bring back home, physically and spiritually. It will remind you that eventually, you will go back.

Don’t look at old pictures! No need to cry even more. Simply do things that will help you connect without drowning in sadness.


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