It doesn’t take anything to be happy


Define Happiness..
Today I am feeling extremely happy. I can think of a few things that made me happy.
I spent 4 hours at a restaurant with 2 friends. I drove on Bourdon.. Driving there always brings me joy. I can’t explain it. I had lipstick on, this also helps me have a good day
The thing is that, if I asked you why you had a good day, the answers would be so different..

What is happiness anyways? It is undefined, it is not seizable. No need to run after it. It has to be created and embraced. It is a mix of many things. It can be a moment of laughter, a “I miss you” from your lover, a beautiful ride down the road with music blasting. I believe we are wild creatures. We need to laugh without caring about who’s around! (I have a weird laugh. But people know when I am around lol) we need to put our hands up and breathe.

Happiness… It needs to be observed. It is someone walking in the streets. It is a stranger smiling. I don’t know why I had such a good day today, nothing incredible happened. But what happens when I don’t “feel” like this? The days when I feel like I am in a bad mood? Well I CHOOSE happiness. Citcumstances shouldn’t define happiness. Happiness is constantly here.. Constantly.


Life is beautiful.

I started to listen to this song that also makes me happy even though the lyrics are not the happiest. Here it is, in case you like it too

For me, happiness would be driving this on my way to the beach with my lover

What makes you happy?


A travel lover


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