Why I make my faith public

This morning someone asked me this: “Are you not afraid that sharing all of this will make it seem like you are showing off your faith. Is everything you are sharing necessary?”

And to continue sharing my faith, I will share my answer here (little laugh).  

We live in a world where rituals in religion became so important that we have this image that the only people who are supposed to share their faith or preach are priests or pastors. While reading this you might not agree but I will ask you to stop for 2 minutes and think about it. It is OK for someone who studied theology to preach in a church but as soon as it is happening outside the doors people ask themselves why not leave the “God stuff” where they belong. Most of the messages we hear in the religious environment make us see God as a God of the past. People believe God could open up the sea for Moses but wont believe you when you tell them God healed you or spoke to you in a dream today. It is suddenly seen as extreme or crazy.. still don’t agree with me?. Let me go a little further. It’s OK to read 50 shades of grey in public but we would be so ashamed of opening our bibles in the bus..True. I am not here to judge. I am here to ask why. Why?

Because of the way we see God, because of the way they thought and showed us. Why can you go to church to listen to someone preach but shouldn’t talk to them about sex or other things you are dying to ask? Subjects of our daily lives like sex or marijuana became so taboo that we wouldn’t dare talk about them to ‘Godly people’ hum? God is not meant to be there for the acceptable things. I know better than that. When I read my bible I see a God who uses imperfect people, ex murderers, thieves, shy people and He calls them in a way or another to do a work. Why should I keep my story to myself when I see a generation who simply gets away from God simply because they have been thought that their way of living was not part of ‘the church stuff’? Why should I stay quiet? Why should I stay quiet when God tells me to write about things, when people later on come to me crying saying : “I’ve been waiting for someone to talk about this. ” But my question is why couldn’t they talk about it before? Afraid of criticism ? Of being judge? Of people not agreeing with you? Why do they have to see God as someone waiting to judge them or if they don’t, why are they so afraid to raise their voice to share their faith? This makes me think..

We see the disciples as people of the past. We see the bible as this mystery. In reality, you know who they were? People, just like you and me, imperfect, with flaws that Jesus asked to follow Him. The bible…is a book where the disciples collected all of the things they’ve seen, where the prophets wrote the visions they got from God, where they tell you about miracles. Just like on modern days, many Christians use blogs or books to share their faith, the disciples and people back then wrote… Everything they wrote is not in the book. In the end of the book of John, John tells us that all the miracles Jesus did are not in this book and that they only gathered the essential to make us understand who Jesus was and how powerful believing in His name was… Let’s not go too deep in this. My point is that it is sad that people think that sharing faith is something exclusive to “church people”

I am an ordinary girl, with ordinary flaws, I have a past, just like I have a present and a future. But one day, God called me in my room and the things that started to change in me after this were remarkable by me just like by people around me. Some were curious just like some preferred to judge and it’s OK..honestly. If even Jesus was persecuted why in the world would I think everybody would understand what I am doing? However, I appreciate people who come and ask instead of assuming without knowing. Someone once told me :”I was surprised to see you go out”…..huh? Let’s not even comment on that.

I have a purpose and I will not stop doing what God told me to do  because some people can’t handle what I’m talking about just like I wont keep quiet about something just because people don’t see why it is wrong to do it. As they say: ‘Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and right is right even if you are the only one doing it’ Do you know how many people don’t understand certain things simply because they have been taught that it is ‘wrong’ to talk about them. I am an open book and I truly believe that the best way to talk about God is to be true to yourself. If you pretend that you are and were perfect, people will simply say ‘screw you’ and move on. But when you come out being open about all the stuff people ‘can’t talk about’ you will help more people than you can imagine.

My purpose is to build up others by loving them and by bringing out the best of them through God and God alone. I never tried in any ways to glorify myself but in all I do I give Him the glory but my fruits will speak louder than my words, it’s simple… I will just keep walking. Here are some inspiring things I saw today on Instagram.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2

When you live for God, many people will admire you in private but criticize you in public just to blend in with others. I am not attacking anybody, I am simply talking about what I observed.

So this puts an end to my answer. Yes I could talk more but I think the essential is here.

God bless













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