Where is home?

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You probably heard the quote “Home is where the heart is” before. However, it’s been a while since I noticed how there was a twist in the use of it. When people say it, they mean that your heart will always be home no matter where you go in the world. That a piece of you will always stay where you were born and raised. I don’t see it that way. For me, the quote means that, wherever you feel like your heart is happy, wherever your heart wants to go back or stay, that’s the place you should call HOME.

I call Haïti home because this is where I am happy right now but I don’t believe that happiness is necessarily found where you first were simply because I don’t think everybody has good memories or belonged over there. Traveling is mandatory..yes mandatory. You will never know where you truly belong if you only stay in one place. You might grow up feeling unhappy, feeling like something in your life is missing, feeling like nothing really connects, just like you might grow up feeling happy with your life. Either way, without seeing places (I am not talking about going on a holiday. I am talking about truly blending in cultures and meeting people who will change your life) you will never really reach your full potential. What makes you think that where you are now is where you are supposed to be? What makes you think that you won’t look back and say: “What was I doing all along?”. When you stay stuck where you are, your mind will always be limited. I honestly have never met an adventurous soul with a closed mind. Seeing and exploring makes you realize that life is not about what you know but about what you can discover by going where you don’t know. I encourage people to do something bigger than going on a holiday. You don’t necessarily need to go to volunteer or humanitarian work to get a life changing experience but you need to go to see more than an hotel and famous spots. You need to go for yourself, to grow.


Ever took a time to observe birds? They seem so free. Do you know that we were meant to be like them? We can go wherever we want. (I am not talking about traveling only (for those of you thinking about money for the ticket here). I am talking about any situation in your life. Whatever is hindering you, needs to leave your life. If you are in a relationship with someone who makes you feel hard to love, let them go, If your career doesn’t help you evolve, leave and find your passion. We are creatures meant to grow and develop ourselves.

When you will find that happy place, that happy state of mind, where you feel like you are becoming the best version of yourself…this is where you will call ‘Home’.


A travel lover


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