Mark your name on hearts.

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Charles Spurgeon, a Baptist minister and writer said; “Carve your name on hearts, not on marble” I personally don’t know about the author but I saw this sentence once and I had to know who was the individual who said it.

They say men were born with good on the inside and that they later let themselves deform by society. Well, I 99.99% agree. There is something you will encounter a lot during your journey on earth. You will see it everywhere, you will get to know some better and some will change your life. Can you guess what it is? PEOPLE. We are surrounded by all kinds of people of different backgrounds, different races, different stories and one thing that all of them have in common is a heart. During my travels I encountered so many wonderful people and even here at home, I still get the chance to talk to someone who touches my heart once in a while. It is simply amazing.

Here is one thing, We see the world becoming a place where everybody hates each other and we wonder sometimes “Where is God in all of this?” “If God was really here, why would He allow this?” Don’t pretend like you never wondered this…I have.

Well, I’ve learned something during my walk with God so far: We are the body of Christ. What does that mean?

I will start with something simple that is happening in my life just now. I started an internship about 3 weeks ago and after work I always see these kids trying to clean my car on the road. At first, I simply ignored them. Days and days went by and I kept seeing them asking me for money and sticking their faces on my window. One day, something changed in my heart and I felt filled with compassion. Not to simply give them a little bit of money (I don’t even know if they really eat with it or buy drugs) but it was something different. I wanted to know more about them. I knew that, if they only grew up in different circumstances, their present would be so much different. I pulled my window down to talk (yes I know it can be dangerous). I asked this one kid what his talent was. I asked if he likes cleaning cars. He said: “No but I have no choice. My parents are dead and I live with my sister”. I asked; “If someone sent you to school today, would you take the classes seriously? would you even go?” He quickly replied with a smile: “Yes! I would”. So I said OK and pursued my way. That simple moment with this kid showed me a different side of him. When he was talking to me, he wasn’t the kid cleaning the cars. He was a happy kid, he was what kids should be: Happy.

Another thing happened last week-end. At Paillant, we saw the cutest little boy in the streets. My sister, boyfriend and I asked for his name. His name was Nepson. We had a really quick chitchat and offered him some cookies we had in the car. The next day Nepson was at the same spot. It was like he was waiting for us. He called us and said Hi because it was dark.He was so happy to see us.

I could go on and on with these things I’ve been experiencing but let’s go to the point.  If God is love and if God created us, we must be born in love. However, many things can happen in life to harden our hearts and make us be who we were never created to be. Looking at the innocence of these kids, I told myself that, instead of constantly say “Why aren’t they in school” and move on with no compassion, we should think about what we can do in the long term to help them in a sustainable way. You might think that love can’t pay for school, but it is love that creates the desire to help one another. It is love that generates compassion and it is love that changes hearts. A simple smile can change someone’s attitude. We all have good in us. The world became so cruel that people who talk like this are seen as being naive or unexperienced but what they don’t seem to realize is that, the solution to all these big problems resides in a simple act: Loving each other as we love ourselves. I spent so many years ignoring the bible when all of the answers are in it…all of them. Loving God isn’t staying on our little butts, it is helping people in any way possible because we are one.

In India, I met this tuktuk driver. Man I thought he was rude! We were negotiating prices and he was trying to bargain me. When we finally settled a price I hopped in the tuktuk and we started talking. It is only while talking that I realized how young he looked. He was only 23. I asked many questions..I always do. And after 30 minutes he looked in the front mirror to see me and said: “You are a good madame”. I’ve learned to see past the circumstances and really get to know people’s hearts. Trust me, you will see the world with different eyes.

This little boy here is David. He was at the orphanage in India. At the beginning, David hated when I kissed his cheeks, at least he pretended to hate it. It seemed so weird to him, someone wanting to give him affection. But just after a few days, David was more than happy to get kisses. He became more happy, more receptive, more affectionate. I find it sad that he was not used to it but at least I know I showed him that he deserves it.

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We all have good in us and it only takes love, affection, compassion to take it to the surface. As long as you are breathing, you will have love on the inside. As long as God is giving you the gift of life, you will be able to love abundantly. It is time for us to stop holding back or thinking we can’t change something when all it takes is a piece of our heart. God created men free and we choose to love or to hate each other. Sadly, many people choose to hate. Why do we think God should do a magic trick to fix everything when He specifically told us that we are the body. Each of us has a purpose and a role to play. If we sit around being selfish, why do we wonder why nothing changes? You might not be able to simply clap your hands and change the world but you can start by changing hearts.

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