Compromise: A couple in the south of Haïti


If you follow me on instagram , you probably know that I was in the Nippes and South of Haiti this week-end. It was a great opportunity to spend time with my family and some other family friends. The week-end was full of laughter, joy and most importantly, food! I ate so well, everything was just so good! From the sea food to the grilled goat, my tummy was supper happy. Make sure you follow my page on instagram to get more pictures and videos soon.

I blogged about problems you can encounter when you have the wrong travel buddy here . In the post, I emphasized on the criteria you had to check off your list BEFORE taking someone on a trip with you but what I didn’t talk about is the way travel partners should compromise while on their vacation. So here it goes:

The thing is that my boyfriend and I are really different when it comes to water and sun. I like to burn and swim, he likes to find a nice spot away from the sun to sleep… Yes this is really different.It takes arguments to get him in the water and even if he ends up making an effort, arguing is tiring. Before, we used to get in arguments because everybody was trying to defend their interest. However, now that we know each other way better, we are better at stopping in the middle of an argument to refocus ourselves.

2 days ago, we went to Ile La trompeuse in Zanglè. An island located 15 minutes away from Jardin sur mer Hotel, by boat.When it was time to get in the water, it began… Him telling me he wasn’t going to stay in for long, me telling him to stop putting minutes on his time in the water and simply enjoy the moment. You get the picture..

Then, we decided to put this attitude aside and talk. The most important lesson of this day is that when traveling with someone, just like in any other aspect of a relationship, we need to learn how to compromise. It is impossible to have 100% exact same interests as someone. But if we focus on the differences we will end up upset and frustrated. Learn what the other likes to do and see if you can live with it. If you think you won’t die, then make some time for it. I am working on spending some time resting with him….no it is not easy for me lol. I am a little ball of fire.He is too but on different aspects. I decided that it’s better to communicate what we want to do with each other instead of expecting the other to always like and do what we like. I thought about it 2 days ago but today, my heart sister blogged about it (even if her post is more focused on marriage, it still helped me). read her post HERE .

Whether you are traveling with a friend, family, boy/girlfriend or spouse, it is important that BOTH PARTIES compromise. Traveling (local or abroad) is such a fun experience that we should avoid arguments based on differences of interests.

After that, we both got to spend a great time, mostly in the water :p

p.s My picture made it to the beach photo contest portfolio. Please vote here! . Tap takemeth3re in the search engine and help me get a chance to win 🙂


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