Why I write


I believe that we are all gifted in a way or another. We were all created for a specific purpose. We are all tools to make this world better. Some of us don’t use our gifts because we haven’t discovered them yet or because we don’t know how to use them. Last november, I experienced an encounter with God. Till now, it has been the most overwhelming, life changing experience ever. Since then, there is this flame that started burning on the inside of me.

I started to discover to which extend I am a passionate person. A few days after that, I started my travel page on instagram. It was not something I had prepared myself for. I just suddenly felt this desire to share my passion for traveling while I was sitting in class. I am a “Think it, believe it, Do it” kind of person. I don’t sit around wishing and maybe I need to work on my patience sometimes but this attitude took me far. I thank God for this spirit He gave me. The instagram page was simply a way of sharing my travel pictures with the world, simply a way of making people want to travel too, nothing more.

However, the more I shared, the more my passion grew. So in january 2014, I decided (again on an impulsive moment) to write. I felt deep down that this was something I was supposed to do. At this time of my life, I was still embracing my changes. I still am but now I understand my purpose better. Back then, I was still confused about the changes happening to me, the dreams the Lord was giving me, the love I felt for Him in my soul, it was not something I could clearly explain in words. So I started writing… 

My first post was about why I loved traveling so much. I decided on my own to write it. But the second one….the second one was something else Read it here.  It’s called LIVE.TRAVEL.LOVE.CAPTURE. I was laying down on my bed and God told me “write”, I didn’t know what I was supposed to write about so I started typing without even having a title. My fingers couldn’t stop moving, I felt so hot, almost sweating, I started to feel so many things on the inside, it was incredible. I felt an indescribable love for the things I saw, the people I met. I knew I was supposed to love people deeply and make the world see things in a different way.

I felt like I should surrender my talent to God and let Him use my hand and my pen to touch hearts. I surrendered to God and my writing was not only focused on traveling but it used my experiences to make people think, to heal, to inspire. Sometimes, I have to admit, I am not the one writing these posts. God is. I know He is because I can’t possibly understand how I write all of this. He gave me a spirit who doesn’t stop, a fearless spirit. I don’t know why He chose me to write all of this but I know I can’t stop. I write because I am a lover of people.

I write because my father changed my concept of love. He made me understand that love is a choice. You don’t always feel like loving people, you choose to. I love the people who don’t love me, I love the people who criticize me, just as I love the people who love me. I feel deeply, I love deeply. But the most important thing is that this love is not coming from me.

1 John 4:19

19 We love, because He first loved us.

Since I encountered the love of God, I cry more. Not because I am sad but because I feel more. I am more aware of the hurt in the world. I know when people need a gentle hand to tell them everything will be OK. I learned to look in the soul, not on the outside. Most importantly, people feel it. I can feel that they feel this spirit on the inside of me. I was born again last november and since then, I was never the same. I am a visitor of this earth for my place is with my father. But as long as I will be here, I will write. I believe that a pen dipped in our hearts can move the world. I might not be able to radically change people but I know I can make them think. I want to use my heart to make people feel loved, for I believe love can move the biggest mountains. Love can drop masks people use to protect themselves. Love can put a smile on the darkest faces. Love can bring tears to the most insensitive person. We always have a choice and I believe we should ALWAYS choose LOVE. 

I write because I feel complete when I love others. Because I deeply believe we are ONE. I write so my words can give the hugs I can’t physically give. I write because I am the daughter of Him who loved us first. I love because He chose me. I write because He is using my hand to talk.

He told me to write a book. And while writing, I discovered that what I thought I was writing mainly to help others, was meant to heal me. I never knew how broken I was before God…until I wrote these pages. (I will announce when my book will come out in a few months).

I believe love comes in different forms and mine comes on a paper. I can’t move the world but I can move hearts and that…moves the world. 

Be good.Do good.

God bless you.


A travel lover


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