Cheers to Doers and GOgeters

Traveling has been the best way for me to open my mind and learn more about others. Honestly, when I moved back to Haiti, while hearing how certain people talk, I tell myself that I feel so different from others who don’t really take risks and see life as being this straight line. I’ve been told that I dream a little too much and that I am not always realistic. Well you know what they say: “They told me I dream too big, I told them they think too small”.

In never realized how much people were pessimistic about going to the unknown out of their comfort zone. Most people think that, in order to travel, you necessarily need to have the money to pay for your luxury when I am 100% sure now that this is far from being true. Yes you need comfort but what happens when you bash the idea of going to youth hostels (just because, it is not a hotel and other people sleep in your room)? Or what happens when you say you are not ready to go because you need to have everything figured out before you leave…? (It’s all about taking risks) and the list goes on. I might be talking about traveling right now but this applies to every area of life. If you wait till all the odds connect..well, you will stay very lonnnnnng in the same place, sorry to tell you the truth.

I’ve had the chance to meet amazing young people while traveling. One thing they all had in common was that they were Gogeters and it fascinated me. I will talk about a few of them today. It all starts with your mindset. If you think like you are stuck, well you will stay stuck. All of the risk takers have a risk taker state of mind. That’s where it all starts.

1- Shelcy V. Joseph (@nycxclothes)




The first one goes to my friend Shelcy who recently launched her first fashion page. She will start video blogging soon. Her and her sister are young entrepreneurs and they decided to take the leap of faith. For now they are raising awareness on their instagram page.

Shelcy has been passionate about fashion for a few years now. She also writes poems most of the time. She finally decided to take her passion for fashion to another level. Many times in the streets, they tell her she should model. For me, she waited long enough. I’m so proud of her for taking this to another level. If you are interested in fashion I suggest you check them out and encourage.

2- Alexa D. Sterlin (@thefashionpeak)

photo 3.PNG

photo 2.PNG

photo 1.PNG

Alexa started her fashion blog last september. She’s always liked fashion and things related to it. I remember when she finally decided to start. She said she had been thinking about it for a long time but when the pastor at church talked about following your dreams, she knew it was a go. Check out her page for details on what she does! She is the perfect combination of class, sexyness and girly, a balance of each dose.

3- Thony, owner of Mueang Mueang Inn hostel in Thailand.


She owns this place at only 22 years old. Thony is still at school. During summer, she works at her hostel full time and has friends to help her once in a while. While at school, she opens the hostel part-time. They have diner together in the little kitchen which creates a family environment at that hostel. I admire her for starting her business at such a young age. She truly shows that it is never too early to start building. Good job Thony.

4- Brooke Saward (@worldofwanderlust)

Brooke bought a ticket a few hours before her graduation ceremony and decided to travel the world. She is now learning way more than what she would’ve behind a desk. Not only this, she is gaining way more money than her major would allow her to. You go girl! I never met Brooke in person but I read her page regularly.

These are just a few of the young people I admire. Never be afraid to be called crazy when it comes to following your heart. The world belongs to the dreamers and the DOers. This is how I will raise my future kids. I will teach them how to take risks and build from scratch. For now, I am still following my heart and doing what I can now to take Takemeth3re to another level. Thank you to all the wonderful people encouraging.


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