Modavie restaurant: Meat lovers paradise

In May, on my graduation day, my family and friends got reunited to celebrate. I am a meat lover so I spent a month looking for the best meat lover friendly places in Montreal. After many hesitation, I finally chose Modavie restaurant and I have absolutely no regrets! Everything was simply perfect! From the service to the food.

The decor creates a cozy environment. You feel like you are in some kind of house in the mountains. Located in the middle of the Old port of Montreal, Modavie transports you to the northern parts of Europe with its gray brick walls and low lights. It is a fit for romance also. Everybody was simply happy! And perhaps had a little bit too much wine because strangers came to our table asking for the graduate. They congratulated me but it was obvious that the extra joy was to blame on the wine. It still made me happy!

I gave my little thank you speech and everybody cried (yeah we are emotional like that) and then things got serious! The food came!!


This was my plate. Everybody started to share their meats because everything was just so good!! The meat was tender, full of flavour, and light! It was such a great night! Full of laughter, talking, love.. I’d live it again! Even the waitress became part of the party! She laughed with us, ate cake with us! She even tried to convince me to drink wine (I was on my alcohol free period. Story in my book coming soon). But even without one drop of champagne on my big day I had a BLAST.



Modavie is a must if you are in Montreal. But go for the meat. Don’t get pasta like my sister smh. You won’t regret it



A travel lover


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