Capture of happiness


I am working on a project. It’s called “Capturing happiness”. Look at this picture closely.
See how I am pretending to run after my hat? This, for me is exactly what we often do and what keeps us from seeing where the true sources of joy come from. We are running after a job, running after the seasons, running after what we think life should be.

I vow to capture happiness right where I am. Life, with the joy and the hurt all together is so special it makes me want to cry.

Today, my car didn’t want to start after work. I got so frustrated because it’s a new car and I still don’t understand its security system, so it got locked. As I was crying because of my frustration, I looked in the mirror, one of my favorite songs started playing on the radio and I laughed so hard.. By myself. I was happy, at that moment. I thought about what a blessing it was to have a fresh new car, I thought about my boyfriend who immediately said “I’m coming” when I told Him the key couldn’t turn all the way (he was really far at that moment) I thought about my song playing on the radio and yes I realized I was happy. I was happy all along, I just failed to capture it. Life was perfect, with a complicated sound system and a few tears rolling down.

How many times have we missed on a perfect moment because of so called problems? I vow to always choose happiness. I vow to see the good in everything. I vow to be grateful through the pain.

I read the baby boy bakery blog today and she was explaining how her husband and her were recovering after loosing their 3 year old son (crushed by a truck). I told Jean-Luc how amazing it was to be able to smile after a loss. I know that such a strength must be coming from a higher power. Somehow, in the middle of our mess, there is beauty to capture.


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2 thoughts on “Capture of happiness

  1. I love this!! You’re soo right. I know I sure diddd lose on plenty perfect moments… In your own words “I vow to see the good in everything and to choose happiness”. 😊


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