Bigger on the camera

I am going to ruin some of your big dreams today. As a traveler, I can tell you that many monuments are way more impressive on a magazine cover. I can talk about the few times when I was truly impressed by some monuments (like the Burj Khalifa, The big ben..) but I can also talk about a few who will leave you cold and disappointed if you expect too much.


1-The Little mermaid in Copenhagen

This one wins the trophee. Thank God I did’t know about it until I actually went to Denmark! The statue is RIDICULOUSLY small!! So tiny that if you take a picture next to it, the statue actually looks like a baby mermaid. Don’t expect something big. Go just because it is a famous spot there that’s all

2-The Eiffel tour in Paris

Well I loved Paris but the Eiffel tower is definitely not that tall. Tall enough to consider it as a touristic spot but not tall enough to be impressive.


3-The statue of liberty in NYC

Another really small figure. In my opinion, 10 minutes is the max to watch the statue. You quicky get bored by how small it is. The boat ride to get there is worth it if you have good company but don’t get your hopes up.


So that’s it for my 3 “Bigger on the camera” list. Note that I am more of a nature kind of girl so that might be the reason I have high standards when it comes to monuments. I won’t skip a day ziplining or at the beach for the little mermaid! It is possible that you visit and totally love these monuments!


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