The heat, the traffic, the bumpy roads

The sun hitting you as if trying to get your attention,

The overload of love you receive

The kids running barefoot on the streets

The smell of food frying next to your car window

The houses built one on top of the other on the mountains

The people trying to sell bottles of juice

The kids trying to clean your car

The woman drinking ice cream on the sidewalk while her sister is braiding her hair

The little beauty salon next to your house that’s open on sunday

The first kiss after so long

The hands finally touching in the car after 5 months

The smell of food on the table

The joy and laughter around the dinner table

The night in your own bed

The sunshine coming through your window

Your mom asking about your plans for the day

The last papers to send before starting your internship

The joy of being in your room

I am home



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