Why I love Pembroke gardens in Miami

There’s something weird that happened to me about two or three years ago. I started to hate shopping! (Tunder noise with a girl screaming in the back) yea. Let me clarify. I LOVE getting the clothes! I just don’t like going to the mall and look for things. It is tiring, and it started to get me bored really quick a few years ago. I mostly look for things online or lately I discovered that my sister gladly shops for me for a few dollar bills. She loves it and we have similar taste! However, in Miami, there is one place that makes the whole shopping experience enjoyable. At least in my opinion. As a travel blogger, it is my first time writing about shoping experiences but this one is worth it.

Pembroke gardens gives an impression of shopping in the streets. Instead of feeling trapped inside of a mall you get to walk outside and decide where you will step in.

For me, it gives the clients a feeling of fresh air, taking a walk, relaxation. In the mall, you don’t get that feeling. Pembroke gardens is known for its terasses where you can enjoy a meal with friends (Lime, cheesecake factory…)


This makes Pembroke gardens my favorite shopping spot in Miami. Yesterday I went for shopping and it’s safe to say I murdered the shops.. No comments please .Went hard on the shoes! If you are like me, you will enjoy the experience. You can still shop hard without being between four walls.

P.s: For my defense, I had one day to get everything so.. Lol

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