The 3 best things about Thailand

Thailand had been on my list for a while now and I am happy to say that I can finally check it with no regrets (even if I strongly feel the need the go again). Many things had a positive impact on me over there. Thailand is truly a destination to check off your list. I can guarantee that Thailand is not one of these overrated destinations that everybody talks about. You won’t be disappointed. Among many other things, here are 3 things I really loved about Thailand:

1- The people

Thai people are simply adorable. They are so nice! It’s like they have this welcoming attitude towards you. They always seem to smile and are always ready to help you in times of need. There is this warm atmosphere around them that makes you feel safe right away. They will serve you food at the restaurant and take 2 minutes to ask where you are from and how you like Thailand so far. It is not one of these random conversation where you feel like they ask the same questions toe everybody. They really care about knowing more about you and it is something that makes Thailand even more appealing.



2- The food !

In all of my posts about Thailand, I will talk about the food. Thai food is really difficult to dislike. In my opinion, it is appealing to all types of tastes. If I can 100% confirm that India food is not for everybody because of all of these strong spices, I can totally agree on the fact that Thai food can be appreciated by anybody. It is so light and flavourful! Most importantly, it is full of colours. I always hear people say that, the more colourful your plate looks, the healthier your meal will be. Thai food gives you this sensation of health and richness. It is always a delight trying something new over there.







3- The beaches

I am a beach bum. I could live on the beach. No wonder I like Thailand so much! The beaches are beautiful. Coming from the Caribbean, I have high standards when it comes to what people call ‘beach’. Sorry but it’s true. Thailand surely didn’t disappoint. It was pure bliss swimming there! I loved my life.



A travel lover


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