Why you should never judge

So here is the thing..we all think that we know it all and that our way of doing things is the one and only way to do it. Traveling to India turned out to be more than humanitarian work..I grew spiritually. I used to wonder why God put me in an environment filled with idols, people worshiping statues with 4 arms and elephant heads. It really saddened me to see so many people worshiping sculptures made of men hand BUT..I realized that it was all for a purpose.

Having experienced many things with God since november 2013, I can say that I am freshly walking with Him. It didn’t even happened for a year yet! So I am still at the phase of embracing my purpose, staying in peace with my gift of dreams and not get freaked out, still figuring everything out and trusting God in what He is doing with me.

I went over there because I knew that God wanted to use me over there. But you see..the thing that keep people from really seeking a relationship with God is actually the fact that they see all these people claiming to ‘live for God’ and being so hateful and judgemental against people who don’t ‘live the right way’. I know from my own experience that when you finally discover just how much God loves you, it can get you overwhelmed. You feel like it is so important that you want the world to know what you now know. But we need to remember that:  Corinthians 13:2

If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.

God says that we should all love each other right? And help others know Him more. But what happens when we are too busy judging each other? So busy that we forget what really matters. I am a christian so I will use Jesus’s example here (sorry my muslim peeps and atheist peeps ❤ ). Reading the bible, you will realize that Jesus didn’t stick with the priests in the synagogues who claimed to be so perfect in serving God. He went to the sick, the people who were too blind to believe, the prostitutes. Look at the disciple Paul! He was one of the biggest murderers of this time. He killed anybody who would even mention Jesus’s name. Yet when He finally discovered…He became the most passionate of all of the disciples. My encounter with God was the BEST experience of my life and I never mind telling about my story to whoever is open to listen but I also know many people judge my change instead of simply asking me why I changed so much. And it’s ok I still love them.

While I was in India, I often got discouraged with the kids who didn’t understand when I talked about Jesus but every time I prayed alone, this thing in my heart told me…You are here to love them all. And my eyes truly opened over there. What would happen if I was too busy judging the orphanage teacher to notice how nice she was to invite me to her house? What would happen if I was too busy judging Laila, my muslim friend to notice how much of a good person she is? What if I was too busy judging my friend Lina who said she didn’t like the fact that I prayed God through Jesus? The world is so filled with hate, judgement. I was just talking to my best friend Alya and she reminded me of this verse: Luke 6:37

Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

Too many people, after having a conversation with me say: ‘I wish christians came to me like you did instead of forcing me’ And I totally get it. We are in NO PLACE to tell people what to do. We are here to show by example. And trust me, people will come to you, asking what it is about you? why are you so happy? so at peace? so passionate about God! what happened? They will come, don’t force. It was in a time when I was really on my ‘I know God enough’ attitude that I met Him in a way I never thought possible. So if you are a believer today, reading this, don’t get discouraged if people don’t get you yet. And if you are a non-believer, never feel pressured to believe in something if you are not ready. Only God can touch hearts! Only Him can convince. If you say “you love God” but are still not feeling that whole bible and church thing..it’s ok too! Been there. Just know that even when you ignore Him, He still LOVES you LIKE CRAZY.

I am in no place to judge anybody. Even God told me to just love them when I thought I was in a place to change them. I didn’t change India. India changed me. I learned tolerance. That doesn’t mean in any way that you should do what is wrong with people who still don’t see the point….as I said, lead by example.

A leader doesn’t have to force

What would Jesus do? 😉


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