The top 5 moments of my life so far

It’s sad to see some people wishing there days away when life is truly what you make of it. They say, if you are not happy where you are, move, you are not a tree. And it is right. Looking back, I truly think that I really understood what it means to LIVE when I studied abroad. I’ve started to be independent at 16 years old when I had to go to Canada alone for college but it wasn’t until I turned 19 and spent 5 months traveling around Europe that  learned to really know myself, what I love, how free-spirited I am, and how I love the world. I even learned to appreciate my Home country even more and seek to see deeper in its beauty. So here I am, travel lovers, about to share with you my top 5 moments so far. Many moments took my breathe away so far, but these are the ones that automatically pop into my mind:

1- February 2013: Snowmobile in Lapland 


living in Canada, I hated snow but I never knew that one of the most beautiful landscape I would ever get to see in my life would be covered in snow. Last year, we went to Lapland, a city in the north of Finland. I was excited about northern lights, this famous green light that shows up in the sky but this wasn’t what took my breathe away. It was the landscape during our snowmobile ride. Guys, I don’t even think a picture will give it enough credit. As I was sitting on the back of the mobile, we were speeding on the snow. Around, me, it was all white, a white so bright that it looked like it was shining. Far away, I could see the mountains. Light green, topped with snow. The sun was shining on top of our heads but you could only feel the cold breeze. It was like being in a painting. Too perfect to be real…but it was. At that moment, I had no connection with the rest of the world. I was just focused on appreciating how magical it was. I didn’t have a travel blog, so I didn’t write anything down or tried to save some descriptions in a corner of my brain..I just cherished it in my heart that’s all. I didn’t even have a camera! It got these from a friend.

At some moments, we could see freezing water crawling down between naked trees. Balls of snow on was beautiful


2- When I saw the Big ben in London

Nothing compares tot he feeling of actually being impressed with something you only saw on pictures before. Most of the time, you will not be so impressed with monuments. That’s just my opinion. For example, the Eiffel tour seemed quite short in reality lol (just saying). But the day I stepped out of the metro, turned around and saw the Big Ben right behind me, was truly breathe-taking.



London was so fun and spontaneous. I really enjoyed it, got my first tattoo with nothing holding me back. I had a blast.

3- The jump in the Dubai desert


It was my first time in a desert and we really went deep in that moment lol. The picture tells all

4- Broadway show! in NYC




In november 2013, my mom, my sister and I had a mommy-daughters trip to NYC. After a long day of visiting, we were just walking and decided on the moment to buy tickets for Annie on broadway! Believe me when I say I almost cried of joy. I am on love with my childhood movies and I love acting! So seeing Annie on broadway was definitely a highlight of my life

5- Koh phi Phi Thailand

I just came back from Thailand and it was a well needed experience. As I said before, actually seeing something you’ve been dreaming about and really be impressed is amazing.


6- Because 5 was simply not enough..The car rides to other cities in Haiti!

I’ve visited many other cities on Haiti so far but I can guarantee that nothing compares to the car ride to get there. The songs, the laughter, the view! I appreciate the simple things. They are the things that fulfill me the most.

Ride to Cap-Haïtien
Ride to Cap-Haïtien

This was from a road trip with my boyfriend and sister to Port-Salut


Share one of your top moments with me


A travel lover


3 thoughts on “The top 5 moments of my life so far

  1. This is an amazing list! I can only hope that I get to have so many varied and amazing experiences. I know I wish that I had seen a show when I was in NYC, I guess I will just have to go back.


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