Aspire to inspire: Gaelle in Costa Rica

My goal with this blog is to inspire people to take risks. An example of risk could be to travel alone and that’s exactly what my friend Gaelle did 2 days ago when she flew to Costa Rica.
Gaelle is one of the people I’m the most thankful for this year. We met in february and she’s one of these people that make you wonder why you didn’t meet them years ago. She told me a few months ago that I always inspired her to book a ticket and go. And guess what? She did it. It’s easy to say somebody inspires you and stay there and watch the days go by. I am so happy Gaelle is on her solo adventure now. Yesterday she sent me some pictures of her spa experience. The pictures make me want to get in the screen!




Doesn’t she look great with her toned body holding her little cocktail?!



Well this is what I call a spa day! Enjoy Costa Rica beautiful! Enjoy your solo time to the max!


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