What I can’t wait to eat when I’ll get home

The day I will move back to the motherland is slowly approaching! I can’t stop thinking about a few things I want to eat when I get home! I am a foodie.

Let’s say I ‘Go hard or go home’ with everything I do. When I workout I am intense, but when I eat, I am also intense, if not more. something you guys need to know about Haitian food (for those of you who never visited) is that it is delicious. Seriously, this food is super good. While many people like to eat out in Haiti, I really enjoy the food at my house. I enjoy eating out but I have to say that the food at my house is pretty amazing.

Here are some things I can’t wait to eat when I get back:

Bananes pesées

Banane pesée
Banane pesée

I can eat them every single day of my life. Not even joking. Fried plantain are so good and crispy! Add a little spicy sauce on top of them with some meat and you are ready to touch heaven.

Pwason boukannen



Nothing like grilled fish in Haïti. Some white rice, some sauce, fried plantain, beans, avocado and hot grilled fish and my friday afternoon diner is complete. Ow! add some Cola-Couronne to that please.


Diri nasyonal

Our tasty national rice. Also something I could eat almost every day


Most often served with fried meat like Griot or Kabri, it adds a little something something to a good meal.

 Lanbi lakay

Don’t get me wrong the one at the beach is finger licking good, but for now, I am craving some home-made food.



Pwa frans

The best!!

photo 3-5




From madame Fanfan to be precise. They are the best. Or from Marie Belliard.


You know these things that you use to hate when they cooked it at home? But now you would do anything for them? Yea..



Omar nan sòs

photo 2-7

Hoping I will get all of this in my belly on the first week. If you’ve never visited Haïti before, I don’t know what you are waiting for.




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