Transition and jet lag

Can I be honest? I’ve been feeling really tired since I got to America. for the first time, I am feeling jet lag and I am starting to get the ‘What to expect?’ feeling in my stomach. I am moving back to Haiti in a week and until now, I’ve never felt so close to my new chapter. In Asia, I was alone during my transition phase, but now that I am about to really turn the page, I am getting a whole new feeling. I feel a little anxious and a little confused. I don’t know if it’s simply the jet lag or some hormones.. you never know. 

I am not the type to sit there and wonder what is wrong with me (anymore). God taught me better. Now, I learn to get my strength from the word and keep moving. I know that anxiety is part of the process so I will not let it bother me or slow me down. I’ve been wanting to start a daily motivation blog so I started it this morning. check it out:

I took some time to take my ‘feelings’ to God and now it is time to get up and get over my mixed emotions. I need to know that there is a time for each chapter and now, a new one begins. I am starting to save up for my next trip. Don’t know what the destination will be yet but I know I should save up! 🙂 The life of a travel addict. Any of you going through a transition or feeling jet lag?


A travel lover


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