My best experience as a foodie so far

Travel lover often equals to food lover. The desire to explore different cities and people also comes with the urge to try new dishes! There’s just something about going to a new city and completely blend in by trying the local cuisine.

It’s different every time. There is always something about the food that makes you know you are in a particular place. In India, it’s all about the strong spices, the spicy flavour. In Thailand it’s about the discrete yet, memorable flavour that stays on your tongue for minutes after you eat. In France, it’s all about the baguettes! So soft and hot. In Morocco, it’s about the camel meat on the grill, the grilled veggies that you eat with some bread. In Haïti, it’s about the fried plantain, the well-seasoned meat, the mushroom rice, the grilled sea food dipped in spicy sauce. So many tastes all around the world that I have yet to explore. However, if I could re-live one moment today, I would choose my experience in Venice, Italy.

In april 2013, my friend Djeena and I went on a little trip (Paris-Venice and Amsterdam). Our time in Italy could be resumed to eating and wine tasting. It was FANTASTIC. We started with spaghetti of course. I chose the sea food pasta and she had the bolognaise pasta.



I am a huge pasta fan so this for me, was heaven in a plate. I love pasta on all of its forms: spaghetti, tortellini,pizza,macaroni and the list goes on! Yum. You could feel that the pasta was made by different hands. Italians are passionate and you can feel it through everything they do. We then got a bottle of wine for the both of us and the waiter really cared about us really enjoying our bottle. He was ready to replace the bottle if we weren’t satisfied.


Simple pleasures of life. This was the time when I only drank red wine. My girlfriends Tricia and Alya converted me to rosé…

After this..we felt like we weren’t satisfied so we decided to share a pizza. It was the EAT part of Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts. Remember the scene when she went alone to this restaurant just to eat her spaghetti? This is so me.



On that SAME day, we went to another island, with no intention to eat (yea right). As we were sitting at this restaurant and the lady next to us just started shouting (literally) about how good the food was… So you know the drill




Pure delishhhhh! The sea food was just amazing. So much flavour in one plate!



And of course we had to get some more wine.

Sometimes, when I,m hungry, I think about that time in Italy…I wish I could go back just to eat.


A travel lover


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