Who is your ride or die? : Inspired by a single mom in Thailand


In Chiang Mai, I stayed at Mueang Mueang Inn hostel. A cozy and clean place ran by Tony, a 22 year old girl. Every morning, I woke up to the sound of this adorable little girl’s voice. She was about 3 years old.

She climbed on the beds as her mom cleaned the room. She played with our perfume bottles and kept running until her mom told her to calm down. Her mom was really young. I am guessing she’s 23..

What came to my mind while watching them is that this little girl is probably her mom’s only companion. She told me she was single. What a blessing she must be to her mom. Sometimes, we only have one person. And that one person becomes all that matters. We laugh together, we cry together, we become ride or dies. Her mom might find a good man later on (I hope she will) but for now, this child with big eyes and tiny feet is all she has.

I encourage you today, to cherish the people who are there for you. Instead of focusing on the ones who are not there, give thanks for those who never left your side. Complaining about someone who left? Take a look around you, and smile at the ones who are still there.


A travel lover


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