Last day : Hyderabad-India

Waiting on my masala dosa and rice take out at the little restaurant near my flat, I am smiling at all the things I will leave behind tonight.

Funny how we get this careless attitude when we are doing something for the last time. Just like our last college paper. I went out of the house in my pyjamas. My hair looks…interesting lol. 4 times bigger because of humidity and of course because of not going to a beauty salon for the past 2 months. Well I tried one once lol big joke. They can’t handle black girls’ hair. I don’t blame them. I have yellow pyjama pants and a blue shirt (yes I should get arrested) but I don’t really care.. I am going far away tonight.

There are new interns in the flat. All my friends are gone. They ask if I’m new here and where I am from. It’s like living the first day all over again. I have to smile and tell them my journey is over. They are bonding and complaining about the lack of organization… It’s like a never ending cycle. Amazing. New people, same stories. Some of them seem really nice! We could’ve been good friends. But that’s not part of my story.

Everything is falling apart in the house (and I thought it could never get worst). Some fans are not working anymore, wifi is gone, bathrooms falling apart. I am thankful for the experience of living with almost nothing but I have to say I am excited about the idea of sleeping in a normal bed, with clean bathrooms and normal fans. However I will appreciate them more and know that I CAN live without them. I am almost done packing and I am getting ready for the long journey to Miami. Hope I won’t miss any connections! The itinary seems pretty decent, I should be fine. I will finally have the same time zone as my friends and it will be so much easier to schedule skype dates.

I have a book for the plane and I’ll probably watch 2 or 3 movies. I am not afraid of long rides anymore. I know how to get prepared. I left some stuff behind. 2 pair of shoes ( I came with 10 pairs) lol. The other interns always asked why I had so many… I ask myself the same question. It is always good the leave things behind.

I will probably go on the rooftop one last time. This spot where God spoke to me many times.. It was great for alone time. I should see if there is a way of getting on the roof at my house back home. I will find a way.

The journey has been amazing. I got to finish my first book! I got to learn from strangers, I got to get out of my comfort zone, I got to yell at kids and then realize that they didn’t understand english, I got to love them and dance with them (we made a coreography out of “Girls just wanna have fun” by Cindy Lauper) it was so much fun lol. The other interns looked at us like “where do they get so much energy” haha I love the fact that I still have the energy of 10 year olds! It’s reassurring in a generation of “I’d rather stay inside and watch TV”. I got to wake up at 4Am to climb the matanga hills to catch the sunrise, I got to eat with my hands and learned not to find it disgusting. The ride has been awesome! But I am so excited about some stuff waiting for me back home in Haiti! I am moving back there now that I graduated and it feels sooo good! I dreamed of the day I would take all of my things back home.. And it is happening, with a diploma in hand. Discipline and patience pays off. (Even if I firmely believe that all that I am becoming doesnt really have anything to do with what I’ve learn in school but more everything to do with my entrepreneur nature).

India, thank you. Thank you God for telling me to go there when I firmely wanted to go to Brazil… Thank you for teaching me how to trust you because you know best. Thanks to life for writing my perfect story out of imperfect moments! Thanks for the bed bugs who made me get my money back and directed me to a guesthouse where I got a room alone and crazy time to write and worship loudly in my room. Would’ve not been possible in the hostel I was at first! Thank you thank you life.



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