6 tips to survive long flights


As a travel lover (or future addict. Trust me it gets addictive) you know that going far away is not always easy because of the really long flights. After going to Europe and Asia I know that there are some basic things that can help you enjoy it more and not look like a total homeless-zombie when you arrive.

This tips have been learned from past mistakes and from things I naturally do while traveling.

-1 Don’t wear your contact lenses!
This is really important! Wearing contacts can be really convenient but not when traveling overnight. You will sleep with them, your eyes will get dry and they might even hurt after a while. Save yourself the trouble. Wear your glasses.

2- Don’t wear jeans
You will quickly regret it. Jeans are not meant for long trips. Girls, wear your yoga and jogging pants. Guys, wear some sports long pants. You are not going to a meeting or on a fancy date. Stay comfortable please.

3-Wear a big comfy sweater
The airplane can get way too cold (I don’t know whats wrong with these people) so get something you can cuddle inside off. Big hoodies are the way to go

4-Take a toothbrush,soap, and some undies
Sleeping,eating, drulling, yea you can get nasty real quick. Get some stuff to clean yourself up and feel refreshed

5-Books or movies! Or both
Nothing like a funny movie and a good book for long flights! Sad movies work too but your neighbour might get worried if you’re emotional like me. When I left Europe I watched “song for Marion” oh my God! I cried like a big whale!!! It was horrible.. Watch it. Its worth the tears!

6-Something to put on your eyes
Yes! These little babies help you sleep in no time!

Hope you are planning your next trip


A travel lover




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