Flying with Thai airways: Reviews|Yes and Nos


Flying from Hyderabad (India) to Chiang Mai (Thailand) , I got to experience Thai airways. I felt like I should write some reviews.

The first thing I noticed when I steped in the plane was that it had nice colors! With its purple, pink and yellow seats, Thai airways provides a more joyful atmosphere than most of the other airlines I’ve tried so far.

Second positive point is that it is HUGE. Seriously. You feel like you are walking in your living room. It is so easy to walk. The isles are wider than the usual, tiny airpline isles. This is imprtant to me since I don’t like to feel stuck in a tuna box.

Third positive point was the staff. Thai people are usually really nice and the Thai airways staff is not an exception! They greet you with the most sincere smile and make you feel at home.

I have no real big negative point. The only thing I can talk about are the useless individual screens. The first time I saw it, I was excited and getting ready to watch some films. However I quickly lost my enthousiasm as I realized that the screens were used to didplay the time and show us where we were located in the air. (Pf like thid was more important than movies)

Overall I was really pleased with my flight! I am looking foward to flying with Thai airways again.


A travel lover


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