Things you should leave behind when traveling

A few hours ago, I was packing my things in my hostel room in Phuket (Thailand). I am leaving this wonderful place, flying back to Chiang Mai for a night. On my way to Phuket, this nice bag that I had bought in Hampi (India) ripped! Even tho I knew it was not the best quality, I was still disappointed because I really loved it!

It was big, colorful and could be used as a travel bag AND a beach bag! Just so you guys know, I am obsessed with bags! I have tons of them and I can never get enough. I take a long time before I decide to throw a bag away. In my closet you’ll find 6 year old bags (not leather or gucci. I’m talking about, Aldo or Macy’s bags here). So you can guess they are not meant to last that long but I have separation anxiety lol. But during my trip to Asia,I got:ripped pants, a ripped bag, a messed up hat. And as much as I felt like going home with them to “think about” throwing them away (lol) I knew it was not logical. Why add dead weights to my luggage? So here I was, deciding to leave these things behind. Traveling can be a pain when you are carrying too many things. Learn to leave them behind. My hat got deformed after all the traveling, humidity, and being squizzed in my bag. So it is time to say goodbye 😥 Some of my friends in India even told me I should take the pants and get it fixed but I think it’s unnecessary. I have too many things anyways.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before taking some things with you:

1- When will I use it?
2- Is it really worth adding weight to my bag?
3- Can it still be used?

You will soon realize that some things are only meant to make a part of the road with you. They are not meant to be carried around all along.



A travel lover


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