How traveling has helped me embrace my body’s “imperfections”

We all have something we deeply wish we could change. The skinny ones want to gain some weight, the curvy ones want to lose a little bit of it, we either hate our fingers or our toes, short guys want to be taller AND THE LIST GOES ON.

Let me put what my insecurity was a few years ago: my breast. Since I was 11, i watched all the others get bigger and bigger boobs and I was just there, puting paper in my shirt (only when i was 11lol) or being insecure about it when I was 14. (That’s the worst time. You start having guy friends and at 16-17 they are immature and don’t watch their mouth). So i spent a few years being really bothered by it until I turned 17. I was not OK with it but I didn’t let it bother me anymore.

Some girls always tell me that if they had my boob size they would be so happy because you don’t need to wear a bra abd its reallyyy convenient for backless dresses. But what they didn’t underdtand is that I used my bra to add a little extra! A cups know what I am talking about. (I am a 34 A)

But my mentality completely changed while traveling! Especially this summer in Asia. I got to meet so many people from all around the world and trust me, it was like food for the mind and soul. It all started in India when we ended up having this discussion about the things we are not comfortable about. And it was incredible because everytime someone said what they would change, everybody went like “whyyy?? Its fine this way” It’s like we are the only ones bothered by our so called “imperfections”! The interesting part is that the perception of what is “pretty” or “sexy” varies a lot from one country to another. Or from one person to another. One of my friends told me she was jealous of my butt because “black people have such a firm butt” she said I looked like i worked out for it. It is not the biggest but it is nice and it is lifted and round! Lol. (Yea we are proud of some things too) Everybody wants something different. So why bother basing our insecurities on what a certain group of people who don’t even represent 1/10 of the world think??

Today, when I arrived to Chiang Mai I met the most amazing girl at the hostel. Her name is Bettina and she is one of the most free spirited people I met so far. She has this “imperfection” on her skin. It seems like she is losing her skin tone but she isn’t. So she has two skin colors. She was saying that she once met a guy who thought it was so pretty. We always have someone who will value our differences that we happen to call flaws. It is important to realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So one day, in India I woke up and felt like going out with no bra. You could clearly see my small things under my shirt and it was OK. I felt so good! Like i should do this more! Blessed are the women who don’t HAVE to wear bras. (And all the others too).

Traveling is so much more than going to the other side of the globe! That’s why I love it so much. You get to open your mind and appreciate things about yourself. Since that day I rarely wear a bra lol. I even feel sexier because I have more confidence. I wasnt bothered by it since I was 17 but i still wished i could change it sometimes..But now! I wouldn’t trade my little cuties for the world. I am always trying to lift my travel friends’ confidence when they say bad things about their bodies. It makes me happy when I see some of them embrace their “imperfections”. I hope you’ll do the same. Tell nice things to your body every day. Someone at the other side of the world dreams of having one like yours!


A travel lover



3 thoughts on “How traveling has helped me embrace my body’s “imperfections”

  1. Je me rappelle assez bien de toi en uniforme rouge au Sacre-Coeur quand je commencais a peine le secondaire. C’est incroyable de participer a ta transformation de jeune fille a jeune femme!! Je lis regulierement tes postes et vaiment j’y prends plaisir (surtout pendant mon heure de pause au bureau hihi) il y a beaucoup de maturite, de foi et de spontanéité dans tes ecrits. J’adore voyager aussi donc je prends egalement plaisir a regarder tes nouvelles photos sur takemeth3re. En tout cas je pense que c est incroyable d avoir une foi aussi indeniable a ton age et tu as deja realise pleins de bonnes choses!! Bon succes pour tes projets futurs et pour ton livre. En passant est ce possible d obtenir ton email perso? J ai des questions a te demander sur l’Inde!


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