Street food madness

Here in Thailand, the best part after the landscape has got to be the food! Thai food is, in my opinion one of the bests in the world. The flavour, the lightness, the colours.. everything makes it simply beautiful to see and amazing to eat. Eating at a restaurant can be a delightful experience but if there is something you definitely need to take the time to do is EAT IN THE STREETS.

Last sunday, I went to the sunday night market and all I did was eat eat eat. From the sushis to the fried oysters, everything was super good. Especially the meats!! Yum. Here is a little glimpse of what went down in these streets.











You can just go out for an hour and just go from stand to stand and leave full and happy.This for me is pleasure! Yum. And also today, on my way to the restaurant, I stopped by to try this

The best pork ever
The best pork ever

And believe me, it was FANTASTIC! I could eat the whole stand. The worst part is that they are all small, which makes you want more and more after each bite. It is a drug I am telling you. The sweetness and tenderness of the meat, the juicy flavour in your mouth…can I have some more now please?

If you ever stop by, make sure you take the time to see what these stands have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!


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One thought on “Street food madness

  1. LOL!!! Sounds like fun!! Was that Squid on the grill yuck! But then I’ve never taste it LOL!!! Happy Traveling I sure would love to visit! Thanks for your visit and following Love you 🙂


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