Too cool for the camera

Hello travel lovers,

Relaxing on a canoe
Relaxing on a canoe

If you read my last post “It’s OK to wait till marriage” inspired by two honeymooners in Thailand, you will know that I visited the James Bond island today and its entourage. This day turned out to be really good! Great landscape, great food and great company (strangers).

Something was different today…I barely used my camera. The view was so nice that I felt like capturing it didn’t give it enough credit. I shaped 1 or 2 pictures but it seemed like they were no way near communicating the magic of what I was seeing with my own eyes. I don’t want to post a picture just to post it. I am really trying to make you guys live the moments with me and for this, I try to provide the best pictures possible, the best descriptions, the best posts. I don’t have a travel page just to have one. It is really my passion and what you are passionate about, you want to do it right! Right? 😉

But it hit me, how some things in life are meant to be kept in our memories. Yes pictures are nice and are really important to help us remember the good moments but sometimes, we should put the camera away and just watch, just smell, just live it. I am not saying that we don’t live in the moment when we take pictures. It all depends on the context. Taking 100 pictures at a party and posting them on the moment is not enjoying the moment. But in other cases, taking pictures is actually part of the moment.

The landscape I got to see today was one of the most beautiful, after the one in Lapland Finland where I saw the vastest carpets of snow with green mountains in the background topped with snow, icy rivers going down the way between trees with no leaves. It was magical. But today it was more exotic. Blue-green ish water with these huge ‘rocks’ (if I can call them that way) just standing there. The more I look at nature, the more I realize that us humans know nothing about the immensity of the creator. Nature is a wonderful thing. Yes we need comfort but it is important to take the time to get into the wild life sometimes. It makes one more open. That’s my opinion. And also, sometimes,what makes the moment special are the people you are with, the music in the background, the feeling you get when you finally see this place you’ve been dreaming about…and the camera can’t always capture all of it. This is why it is important to live it! Today I forgot to charge my go pro and I know I missed some sick shots but It’s ok because there was more to it then capturing it even tho I really love to share my stories with you amazing people! But I just have to admit that sometimes…the moment is just TOO COOL FOR THE CAMERA


A travel lover



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