When do you know you NEED to travel?

I didn’t use the word WANT here because I want to focus on the fact that, sometimes we NEED a getaway. I am not talking about going to the beach that is 30 minutes away or going for a walk. I am talking about booking a plane, bus or train ticket and leave for a few days, few months, for some of you, forever..

Here are some signs that show you are in need of wanderlust:

1- You feel like you are suffocating where you are.

It might seem like a strong word but yes sometimes we feel like we are drowning. I remember the days when I looked at the window and it was all white. -30 degrees Celcius or less outside. I didn’t feel like going to school because I knew that as soon as I stepped outside I would be running to reach somewhere warm ASAP. This, for me was not life. In canada, the weather doesn’t match my caribbean skin and genes. Some days I felt really miserable because of this. If there is something REALLY bothering you where you are, it might be the time to go look at other landscapes. Change your morning view. It could be anything (people in your house constantly fighting or so many other things). I can’t think of all the possible problems you could have now but I can tell you that if it is stealing your happiness, you should go look at what is waiting for you a ticket away.


2- You are always looking at travel pictures on the internet


Sitting there, looking at all the pictures on pinterest, instagram, Facebook,, google, travel blogs…and going back to your routine. Have you ever thought about checking Expedia? you know..to check the ticket prices? Yes, that should be the next step after staring at all these travel pictures. The people living these adventures had to buy a ticket 🙂

3- You feel bored out of your mind

You are always bored. Whenever people ask you what’s up with your life you always answer ‘Same thing’ ‘Nothing much’. You are always complaining about how bored you are and how your life has no excitement. Well, it might be the time to change your atmosphere. This world we live in is too beautiful for us to be bored. You always have a choice. It is your choice to never ask for those free days at work. It is your choice to spend the money you could’ve saved on that pair of shoes you didn’t even like. And now you are sitting here saying you are bored… It’s time to go on a trip.


4- You always dream of places you’ve never visited

You are always thinking about it. Thailand…south Africa…Haïti…Jamaica. It is like an obsession! Why don’t you start planing a trip? Tell yourself that the people who do it or not different than you. They are all people who need some fresh air, who are seeking some time away..just like you. It is a myth that all travellers are rich! This is the biggest lie ever (I will blog about it). They just find ways of traveling on a budget or work part-time abroad. If you really want it, you will do it.


5- You have this annoying feeling that you are not living your life to the fullest

Nothing worst than this. You see life passing by and you still have this void on the inside. Everybody seems to have found their passions and callings and you are just sitting on your bed, stalking people on instagram. This is also a sign that you need to see new things. Sometimes we don’t find our passion because we don’t move! I met people who just decided to go volunteer somewhere, found their passion and stayed over there. If you are not finding any kind of fulfilment where you are, what makes you think you are stuck?


Any thing you wish to share? Feeling lost? Feeling stuck? Share with me.


A travel lover



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