Bed bug alert!

So the universe knew what it was doing when I felt like writing the post “Traveling is not a fairy tale”. Last night I arrived at 2W hostel. Cutest little place ever!
The atmosphere gave a sense of fresh hair. The colors were pale, there was wood everywhere, a little kitchen behind the registration counter and I felt like I was at a friends house. Only thing was that the rooms were way too small but besides that I couldn’t find anything to complain about. It was 2Am, I was in bed, updating my blog and instagram page. I was happy and planning a trip to Phi Phi islands for the afternoon. It was a fairy tale until… I woke up at 5Am scratching like crazy with bumps on my skin! From my past experience in Italy, I could immediately tell what it was: BED BUGS! These disgusting like creatures living in your bed and waiting to attack you at night. Horrible! You can’t google bed bugs without being disgusted. However, we all know that google has the gift of showing the most horrible cases. Mine are not even itching anymore. I showered and took some anti allergic pills. I also rubbed my skin with calamine. (My dad is the best. Always giving me tons of medicine before I go away. We always make fun of him but gotta admit he has the right reflexes).

At 5 am is was way too late to complain because the reception was closed but you can be sure that as soon as I could I went down to give them a piece of my mind. I payed for clean sheets! As I was complaining I had a bed bug on my shirt! Perfect timing. I got all of my money back and kept the change, saying that I would use it for medicine. As much ad I am pissed off at the people for not double checking my bed, I have to say that they responded to my complaint really well. I got transferred to another guesthouse where I found this cute note upon my arrival.


I made them check for bed bugs before I laid down. (don’t judge me if I am parano now). On the good side, this guest house was cheaper so I have half of the money to do other things! Winning. My skin is already healing and I am feeling good. I am happy about the detours. I am sitting on the front balcony doing what I love (writing), headphones on, belly full.



This is what I just had near the guesthouse


I won’t go to Phi phi today since I barely slept. I will definitely go tomorrow. For now I will just rest and enjoy the moment.

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite ❤

A travel lover

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