10 Things I’ve learned from life during my solo trip to Asia (India and Thailand)

2014 has been a hell of a ride so far! So many things are changing. I am this caterpillar in transition phase. I just graduated from college and I feel like like has been pushing me to start all of these things I am passionate about. First of all, I am currently finishing my first book! I even got the ideas for my second one that I will start working on in january 2015. I took my travel page to another level, now helping young travellers around the world plan their trips. I volunteered in India and I am currently spending the rest of my stay in Thailand. I am blogging more than ever now that I am trying to make Takemeth3re popular on the social media world. I am also getting ready to move back to Haiti, my home town and many things are waiting for me over there: I am planing on opening my own travel tours agency ( which will organize tours for tourists in Haiti), I will start my first full-time job.. and many more things going on.

Asia has been a way for me to be alone during this transition. I am far from trying to escape or anything. I am actually looking forward to everything that is waiting for me! Many plans in all of the areas of my life! I am developing myself and I am brick by brick building the woman God created me to be. I am so happy about who I am becoming and I can even see the positive effects on the people around me (friends, parents, boyfriend). God is faithful.


So, little summary of the things I’ve learn here in Asia. I recently came across this page:

10 Life Lessons From 2 Years of Travelling.

This young lady has inspired me to keep living my passion to the fullest. I admire risk takers because I am one myself. I decided to also share my life lessons with my readers. What has life taught me since may 2014?

1- Never be afraid to reach your full potential

Passion…this is what creates a career. I always encourage people to go with their guts and focus all of their energy on the things they are the most passionate about. I am an entrepreneur. I generate my own ideas, I love to build from scratch, I like to lead, I love working and communicating with people and that is simply who I am. I am made to be the boss of my career. You might be different. Learn to know yourself and work towards being the best that you can be.

2- Laugh more often

Too often, we get upset and mad at things we have no control over. I am learning to laugh at everything. They say “Find the good in everything”, I say, find the humour in everything. There is always something to laugh about. Besides, laughing is good for the health. Let’s start getting healthier!

3- We need to take the time to breathe

In the middle of the chaos, it is important to get away and relax. I want my husband to take me away for the week-end when he senses that I had a stressful week. It is important to get away from stress and anxiety and go somewhere more quiet, where you can get re-energized! We are not robots despite of what society makes it look like. We are humans who need to enjoy life and relax most of the time.


4- Most people are nice

I know that some stories make us wonder if there is still any good in the world. However I can tell you that human kind is overall nice and kind. Fear keeps us from talking to strangers but a simple hello can start an amazing conversation. Learn to talk more, learn to communicate, to share, to love. Too many times, it was a stranger with whom I shared a few words who helped me out when I had a problem.



5- Your plans are just back up plans

Nothing ever happens as planned. Your plans are a draft that will help you when you are lost but most of the journey will be built from unexpected moments

6- We MUST be hungry for fulfilment 

Traveling is my passion but it might not be yours. Whatever you passion is make sure you find it and work it! Is there a more beautiful thing than someone with a passion that keeps them going through life?


7- You will learn the most from strangers


Throughout my journey I’ve learned so much from others. I will never be able to talk about everyone but I will talk about Karmen (In the back). That girl is phenomenal! She is the definition of fearless. From our hike up Matanga Hills to our motorcycle ride, I got the chance to see how brave she was. Most importantly she has a big heart and is a life lover. I am so glad I met her. This picture was taken in Hampi (India). 5 minutes before we left the house to take the bus, she had no ticket and most travel agencies told her the buses were full. She didn’t want to stay alone for 4 days so she grabbed her things and said ‘I am going’…Yea she went. I simply love her.

8- You can’t change everything


This picture was taken at the orphanage teacher’s house, She was so proud to show me her god statues. Her friend (in green) is a Jesus follower and is still trying to open her eyes. As much as it hurts me to see people praying statues made of hands of men, I have to simply let it be and just hope that one day…maybe one day..

9- You should never be afraid to pay extra for more comfort

Even if we are trying to save money, it is always worth it to pay a little more for a blanket or for a taxi instead of the bus when we are tired. Be kind to yourself.

10- Travel more often

All of the lessons above have been learned by traveling. Do it more often, you will be richer.



A travel lover

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