How to recover after a long trip


Burning eyes, tired body, sore feet…These are all signs that you need to rest. traveling is one of the most exciting things but it can be so tiring! Nothing better to keep you from having a great time than a tired mind.



From my traveling, I’ve learned that it is more than important to rest before continuing the journey. Don’t be afraid to turn down the offer to go out to that club or bar to get some sleep. when you just arrive somewhere, the people will want to socialize and invite you to go out with them. Yes you will want to go because you don’t want them to think you are anti-social but it is better to be anti-social now than to be like a zombie for the rest of your trip. They are not the ones who just arrived, remember? They already had some rest.

The trap with jet lag is that, you might not feel it on the moment because you are moving, transferring, walking, but when you get to your destination, the fatigue can hit you like a ton of bricks. If you don’t take that time to get some good sleep when you arrive, you might regret it later on. Fatigue will find you…at some point or another.

The best thing to say is “I will not be the best company if I come now. Let me rest and tomorrow I’m all yours” That’s what I always say. The next thing to do is to take a nice shower and brush your teeth. Especially after traveling for many hours, you can feel pretty disgusting. After the nice clean up, tell your family and friends you arrived safely and put your phone one silence please! The shower can give you the illusion of being energized but don’t be fooled. Lay down and sleep till the next morning.


After that, you will be ready to go!



A travel lover





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