8 things to do in Chiang Mai

Hello travel lovers,

I am currently in Chiang Mai and my journey so far has been wonderful. Tomorrow night I will be flying to phuket and visit a few islands from there. I want to share some of my suggestions with you for Chiang Mai. If you ever stop by, make sure you:

1- Take a bath at Kuai Kaew waterfall

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours there two days ago and it was well needed. This waterfall is located about 4KM away from Chiang Mai university. Take a red car to the university and walk from there. Little tip; Don’t wear sandals. Mine broke on the way back. Simply bring some sneakers and take them off to climb, it’s easier bare foot. When you reach the top just change into swimming clothes and enjoy it!


2- Visit the Elephant natural park

This experience has completely changed my views on elephant domestication. As tourists, we often want to ride an elephant because it seems so cool and different but if we only knew what these animals go through in order to  be transformed into domestic pets, we would think twice before paying for an elephant ride. At the elephant natural park, we can enjoy the elephants without them having to be chained or mistreated. The full story of the lady who started it all will be on the blog soon.



(These pictures were taken today)

3- Go zip lining

If you are staying at a hotel or hostel, ask them to book you a zip lining package. I advise you to take a gold package which is much longer than the others and just a little bit more expensive. You can watch my zip lining videos on my instagram page @takemeth3re




4- Get a thai massage at a well known spa

Why well known? Because you can find thai massages at any corner here and they re not necessarily the best. The staff can be unexperienced and give you whatever their mood allows them to. I went to sanctuary spa and my experience there was amazing. I blogged about it, check it out.


5- Go to a thai buffet



All kinds of meat on a grill. Nothing to add… paradise

These last 3 are things that I am going to check off my list before I leave. I won’t be able to give any reviews on this post but I’ll make sure I update you once they are done:

6- Visit the sunday night market

7- visit the floating market

8-Get a fish pedicure


A travel lover


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